You can swipe these items from the hotel room


Honestly: Most of us have stolen something from our hotel room at some point – be it the particularly good-smelling soap or the small shampoo bottle from the shower. Hardly anyone really thinks about it. For some, it is even natural to take products from the hotel room with them.

According to the study: These are the items that vacationers most often take with them from the hotel

This is also confirmed by a survey by the flight search engine “Swoodoo”, according to the 56 percent of Germans have stolen something from a hotel at least once. Stand with 30 percent shampoo and conditioner in first place, followed by cotton swabs and cotton pads with 26 percent. Land in third place slippers (10 percent) and even bathrobes (8 percent), cutlery and decorative items (each 5 percent) are in demand. But is that even legal? What can you really take out of the hotel? And what should you rather keep your hands off?

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You can take these items with you from the hotel room

If you’re going to be staying at a hotel in the near future, it’s best to find out beforehand whether you can put the items from your room in your bag. Otherwise there could be a nasty surprise or two. Watch the video to learn which essentials you can take with you from the hotel room – and which ones you shouldn’t: