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Jauch fools mentalists

He didn’t see that coming…

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” Candidate Daniel Dippe wanted to convince Günther Jauch (66) of his supernatural abilities on Monday evening. The banker acts as a mentalist in his spare time and had also prepared a number for the show. Only the moderator was a big step ahead of him.

Jauch about his opponent’s hobby: “That means it’s easy for you to look at me to see if your answer is right or wrong?” The 36-year-old’s advice: “You have to be careful with what you say, so I don’t hear if they might already reveal the answer.” To prove it, he challenged the quiz master to a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors – also known as Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck.

Dippe confidently announced: “It could well be that I can always beat them and they wouldn’t have a chance.” His trick: “Statistically speaking, I could guess what you’re doing.” But the number backfired. The duo had actually planned three laps.

But after the second it was over, because Jauch had won both. On the first pass, he took the scissors, defeating the candidate who chose paper. In round two, Jauch took the paper and triumphed over Dippe and his stone.

Played a round of “Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck” to get in the mood: Daniel Dippe and Günther Jauch

Photo: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

The quiz master sneered, “Sold out magic show! Everyone who comes up to them leaves with the victory sign.” The guessing fox had to use the statistics to explain and said appreciatively. “They have not now classified themselves in the 66 percent who usually do it wrong.” According to Dippe, men in particular would often start with the stone. If he makes paper himself, the round would be won for him.

What the North Rhine-Westphalian didn’t suspect at the time: In truth, Günther Jauch had cheekily cheated him. The moderator waited until the 16,000 euro question to resolve the issue, then let the cat out of the bag. Jauch zu Dippe: “You can confirm that we don’t see each other and don’t speak before the show. I just get a little index card with a few biographical data and so on.”

The candidate’s file said that he won “Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck” 90 percent of the time. Jauch: “I thought to myself: ‘That can’t be. I’m not that stupid.'” Then the quiz master had an idea: “I’m on Google and entered: ‘How do you win at Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck?'”

His research revealed: “If we win, we’ll do the same thing again. If we lose, we switch.” Whoever starts with the scissors would also have an advantage. And that’s exactly what Jauch had done. Pretty clever!

The quiz questions went better for his candidate. Dippe cleared a total of 16,000 euros and wants to go on vacation with the family.