Vacation on the yacht: This 24-year-old offers that from 19,000


Selina Schwarzenbacher wants to polish up the dusty yacht image.
Euro yachting

Selina Schwarzenbacher is a big fan of sailing and has turned her hobby into a career.

With her company she offers yacht trips. In the high season, a week including meals costs up to 19,200 euros.

Schwarzenbacher got a lot of sailing experience as a child because her uncle had a yacht, she says in an interview with Business Insider.

Selina Schwarzenbacher wears a purple polo shirt, blue jeans and poses saluting on the stern of a white yacht. The expensive ship is part of their company Euro Yachting, which arranges yacht trips for vacationers. Or as she calls it: “Floating hotel rooms”.

In an interview with Business Insider, the 24-year-old quickly realized that she is a big fan of sailing. It is a “feeling of freedom that I have never found anywhere else. That feeling of lightheartedness still puts a smile on my face to this day,” she says.