THIS is Harald Schmidt’s pension! Satirist officially retired in 8 months | entertainment


Harald Schmidt becomes a pensioner |

TV legend collects mini pension

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He was THE German late-night face on TV. Harold Schmidt (64) is considered a satirist through and through and celebrates his 65th birthday on Thursday. The age of the deduction-free start of pension.

The “Harald Schmidt Show” was his breakthrough. In 2014 he said goodbye to being a late-night talker: “Fantastic 19 years! All the best to you and have a nice evening.”

Photo: picture-alliance/ dpa/dpaweb

But he can’t expect much from the state – because Harald only receives a mini payment!

Most people are afraid of retirement. Justified. Even years of deposits do not automatically lead to large payouts. Harald Schmidt also felt this, as he reveals in an interview with dpa. Because celebrity alone does not make the pension fund ring.

The satirist only collects a mere 272 euros per month!

It is also clear where the comparatively small pension sum comes from. Harald Schmidt worked mainly as a freelancer throughout his life, so he paid fewer years into the insurance fund than employees do. After all: For 15 years, the moderator had “fully paid in”. And they at least entitle him to this measly pension.

And of course, the native of Neu-Ulm does not want to let even this small amount be taken away from him. “I’ll collect that too, I’ve paid in, I’m entitled to it. It’s not alms, it’s a deal I made with the state. Bring it on!”

Harald Schmidt never minced his words and often got himself into trouble with his nasty jokes.

Harald Schmidt never minced his words and often got himself into trouble with his nasty jokes

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

By the way, Harald hasn’t really thought about having a big party to mark his retirement. “I don’t know yet whether I’ll surprise my guests or whether my guests will surprise me,” Harald leaves the planning open and adds jokingly: “It may be that we only do a little table fireworks as part of ‘we all have to save’.”

Table fireworks or not, Harald looks calmly into the future. If not enough from the state, the soon-to-be retiree will certainly have put some private savings aside.

However, Harald says nothing about this. He also reveals that he is a member of the Bavarian Insurance Association. “It’s a useful facility for actors.” Among other things, private insurance is offered there.

So retirement can come.