This investor reveals how to get into tech stocks cheaply


Tech investor Jens Rabe has a technical approach that he uses to screen stocks.
Jens Rabe

According to professional investor Jens Rabe, the shares of the big tech companies will no longer outperform.

According to the investor, the smaller tech stocks are now bottoming out and there are cheap entry opportunities.

While the Nasdaq is still weak, some technology stocks are already back at their all-time highs – according to Rabe, money will flow into them in the future.

First it went steeply uphill, then just as steeply downhill again. Tech stocks have been hyped in recent years and given a further boost by the coronavirus pandemic.

With inflation and the fear of drastic increases in interest rates, many investors then said goodbye. Small companies in particular lost a large proportion of their stock market value. They had to accept price slumps of up to 80 percent.