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Breathtaking appearance presents coaches with a dilemma

The best came at the end…

The last performance of the second battles of “The Voice of Germany” ended on Thursday evening with a big surprise. Influencer Christian (25), Kevin (25) from Switzerland and ballad queen Tami (27) appeared on the show as a trio. In fact, only one of them could have made it to the next round. But then everything changed…

Coach Rea Garvey (49) had chosen a very difficult song for his talents: “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence (28). The fact that everyone was singing against two competitors made the three quite nervous. Mentor Rea advised them: “It is important that you carry the same emotion to the outside world.”

Tami was also convincing

Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1 / André Kowalski

Tami, who had trouble coming out of herself during rehearsals, was particularly excited. Your coach could understand that well. Rea: “She has two boys left and right who have strong voices.”

Suddenly there was no trace of such concerns on stage. The performance of the trio was so outstanding that the coaches even called for an encore.

The entire audience enthusiastically sang along to the refrain of the ballad. Moderator Thore Schölermann (37) could hardly believe it. “That was worthy of the final!” Even before the decision was made, he mentioned the steal deal. The other coaches can bring one of the eliminated talents into their team immediately after the performance. Thore: “You can’t have two people going home here.”

Rea almost burst with pride, while “Silbermond” frontwoman Stefanie Kloß (37) couldn’t stop raving. “THAT was really fat! That was so strong, from all three.” Peter Maffay (73) could only agree with her. The musician about the performance: “Becoming a unit like this is great.”

But of course the hymns of praise didn’t make it easier for Rea Garvey. The decision became the most difficult of the whole show. Finally he pulled himself together, but said beforehand: “I trust the steal deal angel.” The Irish rocker finally took Christian with him to the next round.

Rea Garvey grabbed Christian

Rea Garvey grabbed Christian

Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1 / André Kowalski

But the battle wasn’t over yet. As soon as Tami and Kevin left the stage, Stefanie Kloß, Peter Maffay and Mark Forster (39) hit their buzzers almost simultaneously. Schölermann was overjoyed: “We don’t just have one steal deal, we have three!” But theoretically, all of them could only have been one talent.

The resolution: Maffay pressed for Kevin, Mark and Stefanie for Tami. Forster, whom the up-and-coming singer turned down at her blind audition, admitted: “The only thing I’m afraid of is a second basket.” And that’s how it happened. The candidate chose Stefanie.