The best fund manager in the DACH region holds these 3 shares


When it comes to the future trend of hydrogen, fund manager Urs Gmür is not just relying on mining companies.
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Measured by absolute performance, Urs Gmür from Switzerland managed the best fund in the DACH region last year.

His Rare Earth Elements Fund achieved a performance of almost 29 percent in 2021.

He told us which stocks he currently weights highly.

As an asset class, commodities are the talk of the town when there is a crisis. After all, gold is considered a safe haven. In addition to gold, there are other rare commodities that are traded. In addition to direct investments, there is also the option of investing in company shares when it comes to commodities.

Urs Gmür relies on companies that deal with rare earths and critical metals. He is managing director and partner at the Swiss asset manager Dolefin. There he set up the Rare Earth Elements Fund in 2010. Since then, the fund has achieved an overall performance of 127.2 percent (as of August 19, 2022). Last year he scored 28.94 percent.