Protection against inflation: should I invest in the Swiss franc?


At the top: the Swiss franc is considered by many investors to be a safe and crisis-proof currency.
Getty Images / assalve /by-studio / blackred / Peter Dazeley / PLAINVIEW / Collage: Dominik Schmitt

In times of crisis, investors want to protect their money from losses. The Swiss franc is considered by most savers to be a safe and robust currency. Is an investment worth it?

According to Matthias Geissb├╝hler, the CIO of Raiffeisen Bank Switzerland, it makes sense to invest around 10 percent of your assets in Swiss francs.

The economist Klaus Wellershoff also says: “The direction is clear for the franc, it will continue to rise.”

In turbulent times on the stock exchange, investors are looking for one thing above all: a safe haven to park their money. If everything falls, the value should be preserved here – or even a return should be made.

Anyone who has had enough of stocks, precious metals and the like can spread their money even more widely by investing in an asset class that most people have in their wallets: currency.