Private disaster: when trips are given away


The pandemic has curbed the desire to travel, but 2023 could be the year of travel vouchers. About advantages and disadvantages when travel is given as a gift.

Old debate: what can and cannot be given away? In our society, the realization is gaining ground that a pet is not a surprise gift. Apart from the potential tragedy: I ​​would be overwhelmed if someone gave me a horse or a dwarf hamster for my birthday. How do you feed this? can it speak Am I going to accidentally starve it, step on it?

Gifts are an exercise in empathy, diplomacy and pretentiousness, with an added element of lottery luck, especially when it comes to surprises. Successful surprise effects are the men’s downhill run in the world of gifts! It revolves around the fundamental question of whether you are doing something good for the other person or even putting him under pressure with an unsuitable gift idea. Will the recipient actually feel joy? . .?