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Are Jessi (left) and Hanna still happily in love after the finale of “Princess Charming”? Photo: RTL+/Princess Charming

At the big reunion of “Princess Charming”, the cards are on the table: have Hanna and her chosen Jessi become lovers?

An exciting journey comes to an end. In Greece, “Princess Charming” Hanna Sökeland (28) was looking for love among 19 singles. In the grand finale since August 9th on RTL+ is available, the Hanoverian chose Jessi (26) from Munich. But has the relationship withstood everyday life since the finale was shot? Or did it stay with the flirt on Rhodes? In the program “Princess Charming – The Reunion” (via RTL +) the women clarified this question on Tuesday (August 16).

Many fans should not have been surprised that Hanna’s choice in the final fell on 26-year-old Jessi. The woman from Munich has been one of the favorites since episode one. She received the first necklace from “Princess” Hanna and later, on a one-on-one date, received the first kiss of the season. In the end, Hanna decided against the 20-year-old Laura and for Jessi in the final. “Jessi, I fell in love with you,” she confessed to her chosen one.

That’s how it went for the two of them

Did the feeling of being in love still last in Germany? When moderator Lola Weippert (26) asked if they were a couple, they both replied with a smile: “Yes, we are!” After the final, they stayed together on Rhodes for a few more days, reports Hanna. There they would have got to know other sides of each other again.

An advantage was also the open communication about feelings, which they got used to during the time of “Princess Charming”. “That really connected us again,” explains the “Princess”. Since then, they have fallen asleep together on the phone every day in Germany. Despite the long-distance relationship, the couple currently see each other every weekend. But that should change soon: Hanna and Jessi plan to move in together at the end of the year, probably to Cologne. Their love also got under their skin: the two had partner tattoos done to capture the time together.

What became of Paula and Dora?

When we met again, there was another question to be clarified: What became of the candidates Paula and Dora? While Paula was initially considered one of the favorites in the fight for Hanna’s heart alongside Jessi, she also came closer to one of her fellow combatants at the same time. Dora and Paula became friends and quickly spoke of each other as “trustworthy people” at the women’s villa. Eventually, they admitted they had developed feelings for each other and left the show voluntarily.

“Before it becomes dishonest, before it’s no longer authentic, we have to go,” Paula explained to Hanna at the time. She was very surprised about the move, because “there were pretty blatant signals from Paula,” she said. When they meet again, the women clarify the incident. “Would you say you drove two tracks?” Lola Weippert asks Paula. “Definitely not. Of course I can understand if that seemed stupid to Hanna,” she admits. However, nothing happened between her and Dora during the time on “Princess Charming”. They would have deliberately taken it slow.

How did it go for both of you after that? Dora says: “We had a very nice day on Rhodes. We only left the island a day later.” Then they flew together to Paula and her family. But that’s when they realized that they hadn’t had a moment alone to reflect on the time they had together and to arrive in Germany. Eventually, they decided to remain friends.

“We’re not a couple in the romantic sense,” explains Paula. “I would say we are an extremely good friendly couple and have an extremely close relationship and connection.” Furthermore, both are in daily contact with each other and are very important in the lives of each other.