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The ten best rooftop bars in Europe – Travel updates


When it’s hot, there’s only one thing to do: find the nearest rooftop bar and cool off with a cocktail or two. At least that’s what you think Big 7 Travel. And quickly put together a list of the 50 best rooftop bars in Europe. The ranking is based on the results of social media activities and contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team.

Cabinet – Magdeburg – Cabinet extends Saxony-Anhalt’s corona rules – politics


Cabinet – Magdeburg:Cabinet extends Saxony-Anhalt’s corona rules

A biotechnical assistant prepares PCR tests for analysis. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) – The state cabinet has extended the current corona rules for Saxony-Anhalt until September 17th. After that, there is still an obligation in medical and nursing areas to wear medical mouth and nose protection and to test yourself, the State Chancellery announced on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting in Magdeburg. A mask must also be worn on local public transport. Facility operators, organizers and shop owners could continue to take additional protective measures such as mask or test obligations within the scope of their domiciliary rights.

In view of the number of infections, the appeal still applies to pay attention to hygiene measures and minimum distances and to wear medical mouth and nose protection, especially in closed rooms, it said.

The Robert Koch Institute gave the incidence for Saxony-Anhalt on Tuesday as 290.0 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and seven days. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. But the trend is declining.

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Michael Burry sold all but one of his shares


Big short investor Michael Burry.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Michael Burry, also known as “The Big Short” investor, sold virtually all but one of his US stocks last quarter.

Burrys Scion Asset Management now owns just a $3.3 million stake in prison operator Geo Group, according to hedge fund filings.

For comparison, Scion still owned $165 million worth of stock at the end of March.

Even if Wall Street seems to be slowly recovering, one remains skeptical. Star investor Michael Burry has sold all but one of his shares. This is according to documents from Burry’s hedge fund Scion Asset Management, which were published on Monday.

The only stock Burrys Scion Asset Management still owned at the time of writing was 500,000 shares of Geo Group worth $3.3 million. Geo invests in private prisons and mental health facilities and has a market cap of just under $900 million. For comparison, Scion’s portfolio at the end of March still contained eleven stocks worth $165 million.

Burry supporters may take his decision to effectively liquidate his portfolio as a bad omen. The hedge fund manager predicted the “biggest asset bubble of all time” last summer, saying owners of meme stocks and cryptocurrencies were headed for the “mother of all crashes.” More recently, he advised investors not to get too excited about the current stock rally. Lessons learned from past recessions: Previous downturns have produced many temporary recoveries before bottoming out. He also said the “naivety” that reigned in markets during the pandemic peak was back, tweeting over the weekend that it reminded him of the euphoric times that preceded the dot-com crash.

The Scion boss is known for not dithering in difficult times. In the third quarter of last year, he reduced his portfolio from 20 to six stocks and reduced the value from 140 to 42 million dollars within three months.

Burry rose to fame after his multi-billion dollar bet against the housing bubble was released as the book and film The Big Short in the mid-2000s. He made headlines last year after betting against Elon Musk’s Tesla and Cathie Wood’s Ark Innovation Fund. He invested in GameStop before the stock became a meme – the star investor always seems to be a few steps ahead.

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This article was translated from English by Lara Hansen. You can find the original here.

Finland: Significantly fewer tourist visas for Russians


Status: 08/16/2022 4:49 p.m

In the future, Russian tourists will find it more difficult to travel to Finland and thus to the EU. The government in Helsinki wants to issue significantly fewer visas. In the EU, a complete travel ban is not yet off the table.

Finland wants to let significantly fewer Russian tourists into the country in the future. From September onwards, only ten percent of the current number of tourist visas will be issued, the Finnish government said. The Finnish broadcaster YLE reported that there are currently around 1,000 visas for Russians every day.

The reason for the new line is the growing dissatisfaction in the country that Ukrainian refugees are being helped and at the same time more and more Russians are vacationing in Finland. In polls, a majority of people voted in favor of no longer issuing tourist visas to Russian travelers because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. With a tourist visa, holidaymakers can also travel freely to the rest of the EU countries.

Visa restrictions through the back door

However, it would not be legally possible to no longer issue visas to Russian vacationers, said Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto. That’s why the country wants to try a trick: The opening times during which tourist visas can be applied for should be shortened.

“At the same time, we want to make it easier for people to come to Finland to work, study or visit relatives,” said Haavisto. “So there should be solutions for those who have a reason to come to Finland, but the usual tourist visa should be harder to get.”

EU to discuss issue

According to Haavisto, Finland is also hoping for an end to the visa facilitation agreement between the EU and Russia. This would increase the cost of a tourist visa from 35 to 80 euros. In addition, Finland is pushing for a uniform European solution and wants to address the issue at the EU summit in the Czech Republic at the end of the month. Prague wants to propose a travel ban for Russian citizens to the remaining EU countries.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke out against a travel ban for Russians during a state visit to Norway on Monday. “This is Putin’s war, not the Russians’ war,” he said. One should not make it even more difficult for members of the opposition to leave Russia.

Estonia: Visa ban “Achilles heel” of Moscow

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas pointed out last week that the EU had banned flights to and from Russia – so the only way for Russian travelers to the EU is via Finland, Estonia and Latvia. “So it’s not really fair that all other Schengen countries issue these visas, but the three of us actually bear the burden,” said Kallas.

She thinks a visa ban is very effective: “You have to understand that only ten percent of the Russian population travels abroad, and it’s exactly these people, who mainly come from Moscow and St. Petersburg, whose opinion counts. They show that very well painful reactions from Russia to this proposal,” Kallas said, referring to a tweet by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who attacked her for calling for a visa ban. “It shows that this is the Achilles’ heel. It’s something they’re really scared of, so it’s effective.”

Finland and Estonia: Significant visa restrictions for Russians

Sofie Donges, ARD Stockholm, 16.8.2022 8:22 p.m

Hannover 96: Concerns about Gael Ondoua and Sebastian Kerk | Sports


The injury worries at Hannover 96 are increasing!

Defense chief Julian Börner (31) was unable to train with his colleagues on Tuesday – load control. The central defender is scheduled to celebrate his comeback on Wednesday. Otherwise, the game on Friday in Magdeburg (6.30 p.m.) will be tight.

After an ankle injury and a 23-minute comeback against Regensburg (1-0), Phil Neumann (25) was able to complete individual units in the fresh air again – but nothing more.

These are not the only problems for head coach Stefan Leitl (44). In addition to Neumann and Sebastian Ernst (27/rehab after a torn Achilles tendon), Sebastian Kerk (28) was only able to practice outside of the 96 team.

Worry about Kerk

The attacking midfielder only completed passing, running and light final exercises on a small hockey goal. Out of caution and for load control reasons. He’s supposed to do all the units again on Wednesday.

And what about Gael Ondoua (26)? He was on the bench for 90 minutes against Regensburg and was absent from training on Tuesday.

According to BILD information, the defensive strategist suffers from a mild flu. The Reds still have hope with him, that the Cameroon national player (3 appearances) will be healthy again by Friday and can be in the squad.

Crime: Trier amok driver sentenced to the maximum penalty – entertainment


Attorney Frank K. Peter said the defense will now consider whether to appeal. “I assume that yes. In view of the particular gravity of the guilt to be discussed.”

Paranoid schizophrenia and delusions

According to Judge Schmitz, the 52-year-old suffers from paranoid schizophrenia with bizarre delusions – and is dangerous to the public. He sees himself as the victim of a “large-scale conspiracy” by the state against him, feels persecuted and observed. He used to have all his teeth pulled because he thought there were surveillance sensors in them. Or fought for 500,000 euros that he was supposedly entitled to from a series of tests with radioactive substances.

In recent years he has developed a hatred of society, said Schmitz. “He always blames others.” For him, the rampage was an “act of revenge on society” in which he chose victims arbitrarily. The goal was to kill or injure as many people as possible.

Five people died in the act: a nine-week-old baby, his father (45) and three women aged 73, 52 and 25.

car as a weapon

The act in which he used the car as a weapon was insidious: he took advantage of the suspicion and defenselessness and caught most of the victims on the back. “There was no escape possible,” said Schmitz. And he planned the rampage: He had previously announced it to acquaintances. At the time of the crime, the trained electrician was single, unemployed and without a permanent address.

The bereaved and those affected are relieved that the process is over after a year, said Bernd Steinmetz for the Disaster Aftercare Foundation. “It’s been a burden now for a long time.” Now begins a new phase of processing for those affected. The terrible act will always be part of her life.

Wolfgang Hilsemer, who lost his sister (73) in the rampage and was a joint plaintiff in the process, can live with the judge’s verdict. “I’m happy with that,” he said. “The most important thing for me is that he doesn’t come out anymore.” He is also glad that he no longer has to see the gunman.

Petra Lieser, the mother of the killed student, said after the verdict with tears in her eyes: “It’s good that he’s gone. I also have a life sentence.”

traumatic experiences

The amok trial began on August 19, 2021. More than 100 witnesses were heard. They talked about their traumatic experiences. How the man purposefully approached his victims, hitting, injuring and killing people. They also reported how heavily the experience weighed on them to this day: the images kept coming back, they remembered the screams from back then.

If the judgment becomes final, according to the public prosecutor’s office, the measure of placement in a psychiatric ward will first be enforced. It applies indefinitely. Should an expert at some point come to the conclusion that the man is cured, the normal prison system will follow.

In the case of life imprisonment, after 15 years it will be checked for the first time whether a suspension is justifiable, said senior public prosecutor Samel. In the case of the particular severity of the guilt, it is unlikely that it will be discussed at all.

The victim commissioner of the Rhineland-Palatinate state government, Detlef Placzek, said: “The verdict is an opportunity for all those affected to be able to put an end to the experiences of December 1, 2020. A path from law to justice has been found.”

Discoverer of Udo Jürgens – music manager Beierlein died – culture & entertainment


Munich (AP) – The music manager Hans R. Beierlein died at the age of 93. This was announced by Beierlein’s company Montana Musik in Munich. The manager once made Udo Jürgens a star and promoted the careers of Stefanie Hertel and Stefan Mross, among others. According to an obituary published on the Montana website, Beierlein died on August 5 at his Munich apartment.

At his side was Bizzi Nießlein, Beierlein’s adopted daughter and Montana managing director. Previously, among other things, the “image” had reported on Beierlein’s death.

His robot startup is said to be able to fight against tanks


Marc Wietfeld is a Bundeswehr officer and founder
Marc A Wietfeld

What Marc Wietfeld tells in the start-up scene interview sounds like an action film. Because part of his day-to-day work is training in forest and house warfare. In full regalia: with a gun in hand, ammo around his waist and camouflage paint on his face. He is an officer in the infantry of the Bundeswehr and knows how to fight on the ground – and what can go wrong. That is why he founded the robot startup Arx Landsysteme in March 2021.

The robotic vehicles from the Munich company are intended to help soldiers in battle to observe and deceive enemy teams, for example by imitating gunshot noises, generating artificial fog or distracting them with laser beams.

Startups present solution for more security

Since the start of the Ukraine war, debates about how nations can defend themselves militarily against attacks have also come to the fore in Germany. This not only calls established armaments companies onto the scene, but also startups. The drone company Quantum Systems, for example, has received a lot of attention in recent months. In the spring, it delivered some of its reconnaissance drones to Ukrainian crisis areas and subsequently received orders from governments, including the German Ministry of Defense.

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Arx Landsysteme is still a long way from that. But founder Wietfeld also hopes that one day the German armed forces will also be interested in his robots. Until then, he will carry out tests with the prototypes. Also present: two heavyweights in the armaments industry, Rheinmetall and Hensoldt. According to the founder, the two companies have different priorities in the tests. Accordingly, Rheinmetall is looking at how the startup’s robots perform in the fight against tanks. Hensolt, on the other hand, focuses on the interaction between the robots and aerial reconnaissance.

The robotic vehicles should be able to monitor the airspace because they are equipped with charging stations for drones so that the batteries can be recharged again and again. The cameras installed on the robot are intended to provide an overview on the ground. With the help of artificial intelligence, they should be able to analyze surrounding areas and locate enemy vehicles.

There are two models of the robot: Gereon 1 and Gereon 2. They differ primarily in size and weight: The Gereon 1 is smaller, weighs around 12 kilograms and does not have as many functions as the Gereon 2, which has over 60 kilograms is already significantly heavier. Both devices should still be able to be stowed in the luggage of soldiers.

The two robots Gereon 1 (right) and Gereon 2 (left).

The two robots Gereon 1 (right) and Gereon 2 (left).

Both vehicles should be able to complete orders autonomously. This can mean, for example, finding an enemy and using deception maneuvers to mislead them. The AI ​​is currently being trained for this, according to Wietfeld. However, the robots should also be able to be remotely controlled from other, more distant locations such as a command center.

Lots of mini robots – instead of a big tank

The founder hopes that the devices could therefore be used in areas where larger vehicles such as tanks have difficulty accessing. Such as remote forest areas or villages. According to Wietfeld, the startup’s robots are also designed to act in combative actions in a swarm. So if a robot fails, for example because it is damaged, the remaining devices should be able to continue its mission.

The high resilience of the robots is said to be due to the fact that numerous features, such as cameras, sensors or smoke machines, are distributed over several vehicles. This lowers the unit price for a Gereon robot to 5,000 to 30,000 euros, which is cheap compared to a tank. “If a robot is damaged in combat, it’s not so tragic,” says Wietfeld. According to the motto: If something breaks down on the battlefield, it can stay where it is.

If the devices are cheap, they are also easy to replace. This is particularly important to Wietfeld and mainly has to do with the Bundeswehr soldiers who died in the Good Friday battle in Afghanistan in 2010. At that time, four soldiers were killed when they were looking for a crashed drone in an open field and were attacked by the Taliban. Wietfeld suspects that the drone should be collected again because it was so expensive and valuable and the Bundeswehr had only a few of these devices.

From high school to master and founder

In 2010, the year of this terrible event, Wietfeld was working as an apprentice at a metal construction manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg. Because he dropped out of school early, he only had a high school diploma at the time. After completing his training, he went to the German Armed Forces, got his high school diploma there, worked for the Würth Group in the meantime and then completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in media management at the University of the German Armed Forces. And at some point he also decided to start a business.

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He made his first steps as a founder with an app that is supposed to combine political education topics within the troupe on one platform. He came up with the idea for the mini robots later, as he says, after a combat exercise. To confuse the opposing force, the founder painted black on a broomstick placed by the window. With this, the soldier successfully feigned a danger that lured the enemy troops into the wrong building.

Diversionary tactics and subterfuge are long-established tools of warfare. During the Second World War simulated the US Army such as vehicle movements and river crossings, set up rubber tanks and other artillery and caused confusion with fake radio messages. Wietfeld wants a large part of such actions to no longer be carried out by humans, but by robots in the future.

Credit request denied

With his robot startup, he does not meet with understanding everywhere. Wietfeld is aiming for series production by the end of this year. To do this, it needs capital, which some banks have so far denied it, according to the founder. Many financial institutions want nothing to do with the armaments and defense issues. According to Wiefeld, it was therefore difficult to find a bank where he could simply open an account.

Arx Landsysteme is currently not making any sales and so far there is no VC money in the startup. The company from Munich does not earn anything from the tests with Rheinmetall and Hensoldt. The only money the company has is Wietfeld’s savings. He has invested tens of thousands of euros in equity, he says. He was also able to finance the construction of the robots because he did not pay any salaries to his nine employees. So far they have been working part-time in the start-up and are mostly employed by the Bundeswehr themselves.

The founder sees another hurdle in getting his device into the Bundeswehr. Because for this he has to pass the examination of the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Federal Armed Forces (BAAINBw). So far, procurement, with its lengthy processes, has not been designed for young, fast-growing startups to get involved. As a result, the big players in the industry such as Rheinmetall, Lockheed Martin or Hensoldt are always ahead of the curve when it comes to tenders.

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The Munich-based company Govradar, for example, is working on accelerating and modernizing procurement using its own platform, including the highly complex defense sector. Small and medium-sized companies should thus have better access to government contracts.

Wietfeld is already in contact with the Cyber ​​Innovation Hub, he says. The facility was founded in 2017 and forges partnerships with startups whose products or services could be useful in military operations. So far, however, the focus of the cooperation has been his other project, the app for political education within the Bundeswehr. Arx Landsysteme has not yet been an issue. However, the interest in such vehicles seems to be there, believes the founder. Wietfeld has already received initial inquiries for his robotic vehicles, which are not yet ready for use – from the Ukraine.

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Development aid: Great Britain freezes funds for international aid – Politics


British flags fly near the famous Big Ben clock tower in London. Photo: Matt Dunham/AP/dpa

In future, there will be less money from London for international aid and development projects. The government speaks of a common practice.

LONDON – Great Britain again wants to spend less money on international aid and development projects. “The government is currently prioritizing absolutely necessary international aid such as humanitarian support for the people in Ukraine,” said a government spokesman when asked by the German Press Agency.

According to the government, it is a common practice to adjust the aid money depending on the situation of the household – for example to take account of increased costs. How much will be deleted initially remained open.

Last year, the conservative government had already suspended its statutory goal of spending 0.7 percent of gross national income on development aid. At the time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised to top up again as soon as the economic situation permitted. For the time being, however, London is only spending 0.5 percent on development aid – the bottom line is that last year this already meant a minus of 4.4 billion pounds (currently around 5.23 billion euros).

“We remain committed to spending 0.5 percent of our gross national income on international aid and will return to 0.7 percent when the economic situation allows,” the government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry: Are your children traveling to Europe?


Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry
Will Archie and Lilibet travel to Europe with them?

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

© WPA Pool / Getty Images

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will hold some appointments in Great Britain and Germany at the beginning of September. Since the announcement of their multi-day overseas trip, the media and experts have been wondering whether the Sussexes will be accompanied by their children. How are the chances?

Despite or precisely because of their move to the United States, Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 41, are being watched more closely than ever by the press. Every step and every decision is analyzed. Her latest announcement of an upcoming trip to Germany and the UK is no exception.

Since then, royal experts and the media have been wondering if Harry and Meghan will pay a visit to the British royal family and if their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, could be there. ITV producer Lizzie Robinson now wants to know if the royal offspring are taking part in the trip.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s children are not expected in Europe

In a broadcast, Robinson said: “I heard they won’t be taking the kids this time.” A statement that doesn’t come as a surprise in Great Britain. So far, the couple has never taken the children on business trips.

Archie and Lilibet were only present during Harry and Meghan’s stay in London in June 2022. However, the Sussexes weren’t traveling for work at the time, but were attending Queen Elizabeth’s, 96, platinum jubilee celebrations as a family.

Meetings between the Sussex family and the royals are unlikely

Another reason the Sussexes are unlikely to be taking their children to Harry’s home is their busy schedules. Royal experts assume that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will focus fully on the charities.

Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry

Meghan and Harry are expected to attend the One Young World summit in Manchester on September 5, 2022. The following day, the couple will travel to Germany, where they will attend an event at the 2023 Invictus Games. Prince Harry will give a speech at the WellChild Awards in London on September 8th.

A meeting with the Queen or relatives such as Prince Charles, 73, Prince William, 40, and Duchess Catherine, 40, seems highly unlikely with this program.

Sources used: express.co.uk, twitter.com