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Jan Leyk : reality TV star got engaged – Entertainment


Jan Leyk was last seen in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Photo: RTLZWEI/Paris Tsitsos

Jan Leyk will marry soon: the reality TV star has become engaged. He shared a cute photo on Instagram.

Jan Leyk (37) is engaged to his girlfriend. The “Berlin – Day & Night” star announced the good news on Instagram. The 37-year-old shared a photo showing his hand and that of his partner. The sparkling engagement ring is clearly visible on it. “Woman happy… man broke…” wrote Leyk meaningfully. “But now the whole love madness is over here.” He used the hashtag “#mrandmrsleyk”, in English “Mr. and Mrs. Leyk”.

Congratulations to Jan Leyk

Numerous congratulations were collected in the comments. Reality TV star Serkan Yavuz (29) wrote: “Wish you the best happiness in the world until the end of your life.” Singer Pietro Lombardi (30) is also happy: “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa (…) I’m the happiest brother in the world.”

Jan Leyk became known through the reality soap “Berlin – Tag & Nacht”, in which he played the bartender Carlos Hansen from 2011 to 2012. In 2013, the DJ took part in “Celebrity Big Brother”. In April 2022, Leyk was on the show “Kampf der Realitystars” on RTLzwei.

News in the morning – News of August 17, 2022 – Politics


What is important today

Wolfgang Petersen is dead. The director of the German world hit “Das Boot” and numerous Hollywood blockbusters such as “Outbreak” and “Air Force One” died of pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles at the age of 81. To the obituary (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Working hours increase inequality in Germany. According to a study by the German Institute for Economic Research, the gross income of employees has become less equal by half since 1993. The increase would therefore only be about half as high if employees were able to determine their working hours more themselves. The 20 percent with the highest incomes work longer on average per week than they want, according to surveys, while the 20 percent with the lowest incomes would often like to work longer and earn more as a result. To the article (SZ Plus)

Abbas sparks outrage with Holocaust allegations against Israel. At a press conference with Chancellor Scholz, the Palestinian President was asked if he wanted to apologize for the 1972 Olympic assassination. Instead of answering, he accuses Israel of committing “50 massacres, 50 holocausts.” Scholz only spoke with a delay when the performance was over and was heavily criticized for it. Go to Article

Prominent Trump critic loses in Republican primary Liz Cheney opposed the former US President and made many enemies within the party. In Wyoming, she is now failing because of Harriet Hageman, a candidate supported by Trump. As a result, Cheney will no longer be a member of the House of Representatives starting in January. Go to Article

Modest trials on UK newly approved Omicron vaccine. The mRNA vaccine from the US pharmaceutical company Moderna is a so-called bivalent vaccine. It targets both the original coronavirus and the BA.1 omicron variant, which is no longer predominant. What experts say about it – and how things could continue in Germany. To the article (SZ Plus)

European Championships: Gold for Lückenkemper and Kaul. The German track and field athletes experience a special evening: first Niklas Kaul wins gold in the decathlon, then Gina Lückenkemper runs over the 100 meters to the European Championship title. The rest is lost in jubilation. Go to Article

Other important topics:

war in Ukraine

Zelensky calls on Ukrainians in occupied territories to exercise caution. After heavy explosions in Russian military installations in Crimea, the President warns the population not to go near such facilities. Russia fires 40,000 to 60,000 rounds of ammunition at defenders’ positions every day, according to estimates by Ukraine’s supreme commander Zalushny. To the live blog

Hollywood stars in the war zone. Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn and many more: Hollywood stars have never been to a war zone as often as they are to Ukraine. Each of the visits becomes a medium media event – and probably helps against war fatigue. There at the moment: the director Abel Ferrara. To the article (SZ Plus)

Debate on the Ukraine war: Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer discussed with his deputy Dulig. An evening with a raised index finger

Opinion on the Schengen area: It would be a fatal mistake not to give visas to Russian travelers (SZ Plus)

best things

They’re spinning something together. Like humans, jumping spiders apparently sink into REM sleep, so they may be dreaming too. Just what actually? Go to Article

Protection against inflation: should I invest in the Swiss franc?


At the top: the Swiss franc is considered by many investors to be a safe and crisis-proof currency.
Getty Images / assalve /by-studio / blackred / Peter Dazeley / PLAINVIEW / Collage: Dominik Schmitt

In times of crisis, investors want to protect their money from losses. The Swiss franc is considered by most savers to be a safe and robust currency. Is an investment worth it?

According to Matthias Geissbühler, the CIO of Raiffeisen Bank Switzerland, it makes sense to invest around 10 percent of your assets in Swiss francs.

The economist Klaus Wellershoff also says: “The direction is clear for the franc, it will continue to rise.”

In turbulent times on the stock exchange, investors are looking for one thing above all: a safe haven to park their money. If everything falls, the value should be preserved here – or even a return should be made.

Anyone who has had enough of stocks, precious metals and the like can spread their money even more widely by investing in an asset class that most people have in their wallets: currency.

Football – No change? Tendency for Laimer to stay in RB “very big” – Sport


Leipzig (AP) – Konrad Laimer will most likely not switch from cup winner RB Leipzig to German soccer champions Bayern Munich in the summer.

“The tendency is very, very big that he stays with us,” said RB CEO Oliver Mintzlaff in a talk with the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. You want to keep the top performers. “And Konny is an unbelievable top performer. That’s why FC Bayern want him.” Mintzlaff did not want to announce the whereabouts of the midfielder as perfect, as the transfer window is still open until the beginning of September.

The official is currently also concerned with not having to give Laimer a free transfer in the coming year. Therefore, an extension of the contract, which expires in 2023, is quite possible. A comparatively affordable clause could then be anchored in the paper, which would allow the Austrian international to change.

According to various reports, Leipzig is demanding a transfer fee of 30 million euros for Laimer. FC Bayern has apparently not been willing to offer this sum so far. Last year, the players Dayot Upamecano and Marcel Sabitzer as well as coach Julian Nagelsmann and various supervisors left Leipzig for Munich.

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Who steals the show from me?: First defeat for Joko Winterscheidt – entertainment


Joko Winterscheidt (right) had to deal with Olli Schulz in the final this time. Photo: © ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

Joko Winterscheidt triumphed twice in the current fourth season of “Who is stealing the show?” already. Did the third episode also end lightly for the moderator?

So far, Joko Winterscheidt (43) could in the fourth season of his ProSieben show “Who steals the show from me?” shine undefeated. But was the moderator able to defend his post in the third episode? This time Olli Schulz (48) and his lucky cat Thorsten worked hard and made it to the final together.

Previously, however, actress Nilam Farooq (32) announced with confidence: “Today is the day. I made it my goal today and made a battle plan.” The actress, who was in the final in the previous episode, got far, but not this time. After wildcard candidate Gordon (28), Farooq had to vacate the field.

And Fahri Yardim (42), who complained in the first game “The Light Five” that you had to “adjust the level of difficulty to the people”, could not take his show away from Winterscheidt.

“Germany’s dumbest celebrity” in the final

Ultimately, this time Olli Schulz, self-proclaimed “Germany’s dumbest celebrity”, was Winterscheidt’s most dangerous opponent. In the final, presenter Katrin Bauerfeind (40) finally announced that Schulz only had to answer one question correctly to win. “Is ProSieben clear about what that means?” Schulz then asked.

And indeed – the 48-year-old had the question “In which sport does a poodle mean something bad?” with “kegeln” the right answer ready. “I’m going to spread so much love. I’m so in the mood,” Schulz announced after his triumph.

This means that next Tuesday evening, August 23, the issue “Who is stealing the show from Olli Schulz?” will flicker. (from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and on Joyn) via the TV screens.

Tank top: This alternative to the t-shirt we wear in 2022 – entertainment


Kaia Gerber in a look by Prada. Photo: getty/[EXTRACTED]Credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

From undershirt to it-piece: this year there is no way around the tank top. This is how fashion professionals style the must-have.

When Kaia Gerber (20) opened the Prada fashion show in February, a murmur went through the crowd. Not because Miuccia Prada (73) and Raf Simons (54) wrapped them in a particularly eye-catching creation. On the contrary: The model walked the catwalk in a simple, white tank top – and started a trend.

However, this is not new. Men wore tank tops under their clothes as early as the 1910s, as did Clark Gable (1901-1960) in the film “Adventures in the Yellow Sea” (1935). Later, fellow actors Marlon Brando (1924-2004) and James Dean (1931-1955) also flaunted their muscles in sleeveless shirts.

The tank top peaked in popularity – thanks to the up-and-coming hip-hop scene – in the 1990s and 2000s. At that time it also found its way into the women’s wardrobe. Kate Moss’ (48) campaign for Calvin Klein or Beyoncé’s (40) video for “Crazy In Love” remain unforgotten.

Classics reinterpreted

In the meantime, the tank top has even been tried and tested on the catwalk: in spring/summer 2022, Loewe gave it a modern upgrade with a logo application. In autumn/winter, Prada will also have an emblem on the chest. Chloé, Bottega Veneta and Acne Studios rely on more discreet variants with wide straps and a round neckline.

Fashionistas like Hailey Bieber (25) prove how versatile the tank top is. The model wears a cropped version with cargo pants. Bottoms made of jeans or leather achieve the same effect. Provided they are cut wide and contrast with the tight top.

Influencer Amy Julliette Lefévre has also opted for a crop top and stages this with a midi-length satin skirt. A look that works just as well during the day as it does in the evening.

On cooler evenings, the tank top and skirt are complemented by a leather jacket. Add heeled sandals and a handbag and you’re done Party outfit à la Pernille Teisbæk (37).

The tank top is made suitable for the office in combination with a suit and pumps. Creative director Funda Christopherson shows how it’s done. The look is completed by statement necklaces, as shown by Bottega Veneta in the autumn/winter collection.

Anyone who has developed a taste for it and doesn’t yet own a tank top should invest in a fitted model made from firm, ribbed cotton. Wide straps and a round neckline are just as timelessly beautiful as a crossed racerback.

Demonstrations – Chemnitz – Anger Winter? Researchers expect Saxony to be a hotspot – politics


Chemnitz (dpa/sn) – In view of the looming energy crisis and high inflation, Chemnitz social researcher Piotr Kocyba expects a new, violent wave of protests in the fall. “Saxony will be a hotspot here,” said the protest researcher of the German Press Agency. The mood of actors such as the right-wing extremist Freie Sachsen and the Identitarian Movement is already being fueled in social networks. In addition, the left wants to call citizens to demonstrations against the planned gas levy on the street. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) said in his summer press conference that he did not believe there would be unrest.

He also does not see any unrest in the sense of barricades in the cities and burning cars in Germany, explained Kocyba. However, he expects a further radicalization of protesters in the tone up to fantasies of violence and in dealing with security authorities. If the crisis lasts longer, it cannot be ruled out that people will form terrorist groups, as was the case during the anti-refugee protests in Freital, for example.

Recent events in Heidenau near Dresden give a foretaste of the coming protests and their radicalization, explained Kocyba, who works at Chemnitz University of Technology and is a member of the board of the Berlin Institute for Protest and Movement Research. There, the Free Saxons wanted to stage a staged trial against Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) at a rally. The ban on the assembly authority was later confirmed by the courts. Kocyba: “It was a very deliberate provocation and a crossing of boundaries typical of the extreme right.”

The Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution recently declared that the right-wing extremists had not yet had any resounding mobilization success with the topic of the energy crisis. However, extremist parties such as the Free Saxons tried to profit from the citizens’ fears of social decline or the “social explosives” caused by rising living costs.

In Saxony, thousands of people took to the streets every week last winter to demonstrate against the corona measures. According to Kocyba, the protests in the fall could reach a similar scale. That depends on how much the energy prices actually rise and whether possible restrictions on the gas supply affect consumers.

He also sees Saxony as a focal point in the future because permanent protest milieus have established themselves here in recent years. “Behind the rejection of the refugee and corona policy is a general rejection of what the demonstrators call mainstream society and what I call democratic consensus.” The scientist explained that rising energy prices are a hot topic that can be mobilized broadly and with force.

In addition, even in the heyday of Pegida, Russian flags were often seen at the rallies. Many participants saw Putin’s Russia as the counter-model to liberal democracy, which they rejected. Accordingly, since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression and in view of the broad support of Ukraine in this country, the mood has been raised in social networks.

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International – War against Ukraine: That’s the situation – Politics


Kyiv (dpa) – Turkey and the United Nations want to talk about diplomatic ways out of the war imposed by Russia at a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Zelenskyy will meet in Lviv in western Ukraine on Thursday. According to a Turkish announcement, the “end of the war between Ukraine and Russia will also be discussed there through diplomatic channels”. This was announced by the Turkish Presidential Office in Ankara on Tuesday.

Russian shells fell in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, on Tuesday evening. There was damage to houses and power outages in some neighborhoods. Ukrainian military reported heavy fighting, especially in the east of the country in the Donbass. Wednesday is the 175th day of Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion.

In a video speech, Selenskyj addressed the devastating explosions in Russian military installations on the Crimean peninsula. He warned the population in Russian-occupied areas to avoid such places. “Please do not go near the Russian army’s military installations and all those places where they store ammunition and equipment, where they have their headquarters!” he said.

Before the tripartite summit in Lviv

UN Secretary-General Guterres is traveling to Lviv at Zelensky’s invitation, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in New York on Tuesday. The UN did not rule out talks about an end to the fighting, but showed reluctance. “There are a number of issues that are being raised: the conflict in general, the need for a political solution to this conflict,” Dujarric said. Guterres repeatedly emphasizes that he is a friend of the quiet diplomacy that negotiates ways out of a conflict behind closed doors.

Guterres and Erdogan brought Russia and Ukraine to an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain at the end of July. At the time, it was said from New York that they wanted to build on this success. UN circles believe that negotiations for a nationwide ceasefire are only possible if none of the warring parties can record any significant gains in territory and refrain from the goal of victory.

Talks between Kyiv and Moscow in the first weeks of the war had been broken off without any result. Ukraine wants to recapture its lost territories at any price so as not to leave its compatriots at the mercy of the Russian occupation. Russia’s war aims continue to boil down to extensive subjugation of Ukraine.

Dujarric went on to say that there was “no doubt” that the dangerous situation around the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporizhia and a planned international expert mission to the power plant would also be addressed. Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, occupied by Russia, has been under fire for days. Ukraine and Russia blame each other for this. Erdogan announced talks with Zelenskyy on all aspects of bilateral relations.

Up to 60,000 shots a day at Ukrainian soldiers

The Russian army fires 40,000 to 60,000 rounds of ammunition at Ukrainian army positions every day, according to estimates by the Ukrainian supreme commander Valery Zalushny. The situation is currently the most difficult near Donetsk, where the Ukrainian positions at Avdiivka, Pisky and Marjinka are under heavy fire, Zalushnyj wrote on Facebook.

In a situation report, the Kiev general staff also spoke of violent attacks on Ukrainian positions on the north-western edge of the separatist stronghold of Donetsk. Further north in the Donbass near Bakhmut and Soledar it was possible to fend off Russian assaults. The enemy had to withdraw with casualties. There was no independent confirmation. An air base near Zhytomyr in western Ukraine was fired upon by Russian planes with cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Air Force said.

Explosions in Crimea – traffic jam in front of the bridge

On Tuesday morning, a Russian military base on the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014, was rocked by explosions for the second time in a week. According to the Crimean administration, an ammunition depot near the city of Dschankoj in the north was hit. The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke of an “act of sabotage”. Civilian objects were also damaged, including power lines, a power plant, railway tracks and residential buildings.

Zelenskyy did not claim the detonations as attacks on Ukraine. The triggers are “very different”, the Russians could also be to blame. Nevertheless, the following applies: “The fewer opportunities the occupiers have to do evil and kill Ukrainians, the sooner we can end this war by liberating our country.”

The queue at the bridge to mainland Russia proves “that the absolute majority of citizens of the terrorist state already understands or at least has the feeling that Crimea is not a place for them,” Zelensky said. Videos on social networks show that many Russian vacationers have been leaving the peninsula for days and there are traffic jams in front of the Kerch bridge.

That’s going to be important today

After the explosions, further information on damage and possible causes is expected on Wednesday. A Russian air force base in western Crimea was badly damaged last week, but the extent of the destruction could only be measured a day later using satellite images. The detonations far behind the front have repeatedly given rise to speculation about the range of Ukrainian missiles.

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959 kilometers for a photo of the bee-eater


Vorster travel animal photographer
950 kilometers for the bee-eater

Foreman Klaus Stevens is an enthusiastic animal photographer. This summer he traveled around 950 kilometers to the Kaiserstuhl and back to get the rare bee-eater in front of his lens. With success.

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Androbin: This is Farina Schurzfeld’s new company


Farina Schurzfeld left her psychotherapy startup at the end of 2020. Since then, the Berliner has advised young start-up teams on scaling – and developed a business model from it.

Farina Schurzfeld has turned her part-time job into a full-time project and now advises founders.
Justyna Sierpinska

“I threw myself from one thing to the next for years,” series founder Farina Schurzfeld reviewed her career a year ago. The 35-year-old helped Rocket Internet to build Groupon’s Australian market, set up a co-working space in Sydney, went to New York and finally developed the psychotherapy app Selfapy back in Berlin in 2016. The startup offers online courses with professionals to help users with therapy for depression and anxiety disorders.

At the end of 2020, Schurzfeld left her company and announced a break from being an entrepreneur, which she wanted to fill with a few consulting jobs. She helped the fintechs Clearco and Inyova with scaling, as well as the pain therapy startup Medicalmotion. Basically, it was often the same questions and problems that the founding teams asked them about Series A, says Schurzfeld in retrospect in an interview with Gründerszene. The Berliner worked with the tech companies for a few months, but she never wanted to become a full-time CEO. “Then I asked myself, why can’t this be the Next Big Thing?”


This is how the idea for Androbin, her latest project, came about. The idea: The company provides founders with experienced serial entrepreneurs who help out as interim CxOs for a maximum of six months. That means, as a marketing manager, product manager, HR manager or even CEO – wherever the founding teams see difficulties. “I have extremely good added value when I can support hands-on and not just as an external consultant,” says Schurzfeld. “Anrobin is experience-based consulting within the company.”

The company currently consists of Schurzfeld and Jörn Kamphuis. The 34-year-old founded his first startup in 2012, a dating platform. Kamphuis was also the initiator of a Berlin portal for citizens’ office appointments, a content platform for cancer patients and a freelance photographer. The name Androbin goes back to the cartoon character Robin, who stands by the superhero Batman, explains Schurzfeld. That’s exactly what she’s striving for: Completing the strengths and weaknesses of the founding team. “You have to be in hero’s shoes yourself to support other heroes.”

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It's all about balance: Farina Schurzfeld found roller skates in the storage room of her holiday home.  Photo: Jörn Kamphuis Photography

Why this founder left her psychotherapy startup

Androbin works with tech companies that have already completed their seed round and are working on Series A or B, want to expand for the first time, grow their company or even want to approach the market broadly. The two founders are currently sharing the interim positions, and the duo is in charge of up to three projects at the same time. In the background, Androbin has hired a few people who bring additional manpower and know-how with them.

Androbin is not suitable for scaling

The startup customers pay a monthly fee for the service, and in individual cases the consulting firm also accepts a success-based fee. Schurzfeld does not want to say how high the costs are. But the price is set rather high so that the founding teams do not take the support for granted or get used to it, but have taken enough with them after the six months to be able to continue working independently. In short: It should hurt, says the ex-Selfapy CMO.

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The number two behind the CEO: What does a Chief Operating Officer actually do?

Your venture itself is difficult to scale, Schurzfeld knows. That’s not what she wants either, she says. She therefore does not need any investors, but finances herself. “I don’t want to set up the next Boston Consulting Group for company building, but a boutique-like group of entrepreneurs.” Her employees have several years of professional experience and hardly need any instructions, so she has to also not be a double manager – for their Androbin staff and the startup customers.

Schurzfeld is not alone with her idea of ​​founding her own consulting firm for startups. Amorelie maker Lea-Sophie Cramer also started a coaching agency with her former marketing manager Lea Grünhage. With 10 more in, the two entrepreneurs want to advise women on the subject of leadership in six-week online courses.