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James Vowles: Head of Mercedes Tactics & GT3 Driver


Regular Formula 1 viewers know him. James Vowles is the mastermind in the Mercedes strategy department. And one who only appears in public when there is a need for clarification on the chosen racing tactics. For example, when his drivers question the strategy on the pit radio. Then Vowles presses the button and opens his plea with the words: “Lewis, it’s James …” Or what Valtteri Bottas probably remembers reluctantly: “Valtteri, it’s James.” The words achieved cult status. After the explanations, there is mostly silence.

Vowles is one of the brightest minds in the Formula 1 paddock. He’s an engineer, but he can also empathize with his drivers. The drivers steer, they accelerate, they push themselves and their car to the limit. “Then if something happens out of your control, I can understand the frustration. You’re full of adrenaline in the cockpit.”

Formula 1 drivers are of a different caliber

The 43-year-old Englishman knows what he’s talking about. Vowles races himself. Last year he took part in three of the four races in the Asian Le Mans Series. Teams that are successful there in their category purchase a ticket for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The racing series is held in winter – with four four-hour races each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And as is well known, Formula 1 rests in winter. The change of perspective is a hobby on the one hand. On the other hand, it serves Vowles to better understand his drivers.

So much in advance: Vowles doesn’t need experience in racing cars to know how good Formula 1 drivers are. “You already know that as an engineer. But the world doesn’t realize how good the guys actually are. If you could lie to them within ten seconds, you would be doing a good job in the Formula 1 car.” The experiences he has made help him to communicate even better with the racing drivers.

The past season made it clear to him once again what Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are doing. “Our car was difficult to drive. They say they don’t know whether they’re coming through the corners or flying off. Nevertheless, they get the last milliseconds out of a car that they don’t really trust completely.” Formula 1 drivers are of a different calibre: “We drove around the racetrack with Lewis in Austin in an AMG GT R. He needs one, maybe two laps to know the limit. I days for that.

Asian Le Mans Series

At the command post during the Formula 1 season, in the racing car during the winter break: James Vowles.

GT3 start in the McLaren

Whether professional or hobby racer: Anyone who licks blood wants more. Vowles entered the motorsport world testing Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2 cars. He competed in a British Touring Car Championship. Then in 2021 he tested a Mercedes GT4 car. He was only eight tenths of a second behind the fastest driver, the reference. That gave him the next opportunity. He climbed up the next step. “I immediately fell in love with the GT3 cars. The GT4s have roughly the same engine output, but less downforce. In the GT3 you can feel the around 600 kilograms of downforce. It’s great fun.”

Anyone who tests and does a good job also wants to make it onto the starting grid of a race. Vowles wants to explore boundaries for himself. you move. As an engineer and as a passionate racing driver. “Call it a midlife crisis,” jokes the 43-year-old. So he looked for a cockpit for the Asian Le Mans Series, which was held in February 2022. He found one at Garage 59. “I didn’t know if I was going to be good enough. Every big manufacturer really shows up in this series. And then there’s me. I certainly didn’t want to embarrass myself. To quote Toto Wolff: me was not bad.”

In a McLaren 720S GT3, Vowles delved deeply into GT3 racing. And he also experienced surprises that made him smile almost a year later. “The project came about at the last minute. The car was completely new for the team.” So new that the headlight adjustment didn’t work on the first run. “The car illuminated the safety fences on the right-hand side. I couldn’t see anything of the track in the first sector.”

James Vowles - Mercedes - Abu Dhabi GP 2022


James Vowles (left) in the Mercedes pits with team boss Toto Wolff.

Vowles with change of perspective

The mission was a success. Vowles convinced teammates and manufacturers – and he convinced himself that he had done well as a racer. That’s why the “Mercedes Strategy Director” is aiming for more races in GT3 during the current Formula 1 winter break. Without neglecting his actual job. The first goal is a 12-hour race at the Yas Marina Circuit. The date for this is the weekend of 9-11. December. In addition, the Englishman is aiming for another participation in the Asian Le Mans Series. The races will take place on February 11th and 12th (Dubai) and February 18th and 19th (Abu Dhabi).

GT3 races are expensive. What is missing is a final grant from a donor. As a “gentleman” driver you have to contribute a part yourself. But there should still be something left over for the family’s Christmas presents, jokes the full-time chief strategist at Mercedes. Having a tactical fox in the cockpit doesn’t hurt any racing team. Especially since Vowles is a well-known name in motorsport. That brings publicity if you know how to use it. No racing contracts have been signed yet. Vowles is optimistic.

Mercedes lets him live out his passion. Maybe also because it benefits the racing team. “I also want to understand things from the driver’s perspective. What challenges do they face in the car?” The more GT3 tests he contests, the more racing experience he gathers, the better Vowles can empathize with Hamilton and Russell. “There is a huge difference between what the driver feels and what the engineer sees.”

James Vowles - GT Racing

Asian Le Mans Series

In the GT3 car – here in the McLaren – the 43-year-old forgets everything around him.

That’s how drivers tick, that’s how engineers tick

Racers let their instincts guide them. You feel things in the car that are beyond the imagination of mere mortals. Engineers tick differently. You don’t live in the world of emotions, but in the world of data. Vowles tells an anecdote from a GT3 test in Valencia that aptly describes how drivers and engineers sometimes spark on different waves. “I drove a Pirelli tire test in a Mercedes GT3 car. My engineer warned me before the exit that the brake pedal was a bit long. I thought: Okay, I can handle that,” he says.

“The first corner there goes around to the left. It’s fast and is taken in fifth gear. I brake, the pedal falls to the ground. I’m worried about my health at the moment. The answer on the radio was not that I was coming in should, but: Everything is fine, now 20 laps. That was the moment when the driver and the engineer ticked differently. The engineer looks at the data and understands what I mean. But if you pump the brake pedal twice, it should Everything must be fine. From my perspective, it sounded like he wanted to kill me. I then did three more laps.”

There are moments that widen the view. “We should pay more attention to the drivers. They put themselves at risk every time.” It is extremely important to provide drivers with information. Vowles experienced it himself in Paul Ricard during tests this week in a Lamborghini Huracán GT3. His lap times fell by up to 2.5 seconds in one stint.

James Vowles - GT Racing

Asian Le Mans Series

Engineer and hobby racer: Vowles reviews the data with his team.

Concentrated like at the command post

“There were doubts. I almost lost confidence in myself. The track just got slower. But that’s why the drivers are constantly asking where they are, how they are doing in relation to their teammates. That’s why we engineers have to encourage them , and feed it with information. The engineers’ comments spiral either up or down.”

In the racing car, Vowles sometimes have self-doubt until the lap times come. However, there are big parallels to the work at the command post. “I forget everything around me in this world. You don’t think about anything else. That’s what happens to me only at the command post. There I’m so absorbed in my work. If you ask me after a race, whether it’s ten minutes or four hours I couldn’t answer it for long.”

As a racing driver, the strategist in him always thinks along with him. Driving alone does not tie up all capacity. “That’s an advantage. I’m chatting on the radio all the time. I don’t lose any lap time as a result, it actually helps me,” says Vowles. That also helps the GT strategists. “In the Asian Le Mans Series, minimum driving times are prescribed for each driver. We maxed it out to a second once. In another case, I didn’t have the pace of my teammates. I was a bit too slow, but extended the stint by five minutes. Then a caution phase was just what we needed. It gave us 35 seconds.”

Dream of a Le Mans participation

He would be missing about two seconds per lap compared to the pros. That would be respectable. “From this threshold it gets all the more difficult. Sometimes you just think: I can’t do this. That’s the most frustrating feeling in the world.” Where does he particularly lose to the fastest GT3 drivers? In the fast corners. There, where you need maximum trust in the car and in your own abilities to be able to catch a racing car that suddenly breaks away.

The best feeling? When fresh tires come to the car. “It’s like a drug for racers. It breathes new life into you. Suddenly you have huge self-confidence.” And where should the racing driver Vowles go? For the 24 Hours of Le Mans. “That’s where this journey is supposed to take me. I don’t want to go there with the intention of winning. I want to go there with the aim of finishing the race. It’s strange in that my Formula 1 life at Mercedes is all about that Winning turns. That’s why we get up in the morning. That’s why we work so hard.”

Respiratory diseases: why the numbers are increasing so drastically


(Iconic image) What is behind the drastic increase in respiratory diseases?
Getty Images/ Roos Koole

A report by the Robert Koch Institute shows that the number of respiratory diseases has risen to seven million cases in recent weeks.

While corona and influenza are crucial in adults, infections with the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV for short, are particularly noticeable in children. In many places, even cots in hospitals are becoming scarce.

Jens Lassen, Chairman of the Schleswig-Holstein Association of General Practitioners, also notes that respiratory infections are increasing due to a wide variety of pathogens. According to him, the best way to protect yourself is to follow hygiene measures and get a flu shot.

There is coughing, sniffling and snorting on every corner these days: According to a report by the RKI, acute respiratory diseases are increasing significantly. Children in particular are increasingly being admitted to clinics – so many that beds are becoming scarce in many places. But what is behind this wave of illness?

Respiratory diseases continue to increase

One current evaluation from the Barmer health insurance company shows that sick leave due to respiratory diseases such as corona or the flu has recently increased significantly. In calendar week 36, 200 per 10,000 employees were still on sick leave, in week 40 there were already 410 sick notes per 10,000 employees. The sick notes have therefore more than doubled.

A Weekly report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows that the number of acute respiratory diseases has risen to seven million cases in the past few weeks. These numbers are well above levels compared to the years prior to the pandemic, the report said. Due to seasonal factors, further increasing numbers are to be expected in the coming weeks.

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“In particular, the positive rate and the number of illnesses caused by influenza show a clearly increasing trend,” writes the RKI. In addition, infections with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) “increasedly lead to diseases and hospital admissions, especially in small children”.

RSV primarily affects young children

The children’s intensive care and emergency physician Florian Hoffmann told the German Press Agency on the development of small children: “It is no longer a curve, but the values ​​go up vertically.” RSV diseases are usually harmless, but infants and small children in particular can fall into life-threatening conditions. Many children have to be partially ventilated.

If RSV can also affect people of any age, children aged one to two years who have not had any contact with the virus are particularly affected – partly due to the hygiene measures during Corona. Normally, 50 to 70 percent would have had at least one infection with RSV within the first year of life and almost all children by the end of the second year of life. In the course of the corona protection measures, however, many such infections were temporarily absent. Patients at risk include premature babies and children with previous lung diseases, but also those with a weakened immune system.

A “dramatic epidemic event”

In several federal states, including Bavaria and Lower Saxony, there is currently hardly any free cot in clinics, explains Hoffmann and also speaks of “disaster conditions”. Families with sick children sometimes have to sleep on bunks in the emergency room. That is a sign of poverty for Germany. There is currently a “dramatic epidemic happening” across the entire northern hemisphere.

“We won’t be able to take care of everyone this winter. Colleagues all over the country don’t know what to do with our little patients,” says Hoffmann. Structures to deal with the situation are not in place and the existing registers for the bed situation are often not up to date due to a lack of time. “We should now actually activate emergency mechanisms, for example call in nursing staff from adult medicine.”

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The infections also increase in adults

General practitioners’ practices are also currently noticing an increased wave of respiratory diseases, confirms Jens Lassen, general practitioner in Leck and chairman of the Schleswig-Holstein General Practitioners’ Association. “Many patients come with a cough, runny nose, hoarseness – but not just a single pathogen is responsible for this.” Among other things, RS viruses are also responsible for the infections, but corona viruses are still responsible. And: “We notice a very early increase in flu cases in our practices.”

In the last few years of the pandemic, there have been some respiratory diseases – partly because of measures such as wearing a mask or keeping your distance. Therefore, the increase in respiratory diseases is now very noticeable in comparison. “At the same time, there will certainly be a certain catch-up effect, since we are no longer quite as cautious as in previous years,” explains Lassen.

How you can protect yourself

Lassen recommends continuing to adhere to hygiene measures to protect yourself from infection, “such as washing your hands regularly or airing them out, which is particularly useful in autumn and winter.”

With the flu vaccination you also have a very good protective measure at hand, says the doctor. “We can only call on our patients, especially the particularly vulnerable groups, to contact their family doctor’s practice now at the latest and get vaccinated.”

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Meeting Harry and Meghan ?: William and Kate travel to the United States


Meeting Harry and Meghan?
William and Kate travel to the United States

It is a first for William and Kate in several respects: first trip abroad as Prince and Princess of Wales, first trip after the death of the Queen, first stay in the USA since Harry and Meghan emigrated there. But because of his brother, William doesn’t get on the plane.

On his first trip abroad after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William wants to draw attention to the fight against the climate crisis in the United States. Together with his wife Kate, the British heir to the throne was expected in Boston, where this year’s “Earthshot” prize is to be awarded on Friday. To celebrate the royal visit, sights in Boston are to be illuminated in green.

The award ceremony is taking place for the second time and is considered a project close to William’s heart. Five projects are to be awarded each year that stand out in the categories of nature conservation, protection of the seas, air quality, waste avoidance and climate protection.

Friday’s event has a celebrity cast: pop icon Billie Eilish will perform, as will artists Ellie Goulding and Annie Lennox. Actresses Catherine O’Hara and Shailene Woodley will announce the winners in various categories.

Harry and Meghan are also on the east coast

The shortlist for the award now includes a “Great Bubble Barrier” from the Netherlands, which is designed to catch plastic before it reaches the oceans. The city of Amsterdam is nominated for its circular economy approach. The Kenyan company Mukuru Clean Stoves, which is also one of the finalists, has developed an alternative stove that offers an alternative to the usual charcoal cooking in poor areas.

King Charles III gave the Royals new titles after his accession to the throne: William and Kate are now traveling abroad for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales – titles that Charles himself and his first wife, Princess Diana, had previously borne.

Plans for a meeting with William’s brother Harry and his wife Meghan are not known, according to the “Guardian” – although they also want to travel to the east coast a few days later. The “People” magazine also described it as “unlikely” that there would be an encounter. The relationship between the brothers is considered tense.

Accidents: no salvage after plane crash in the Baltic Sea – entertainment


The authority had previously published an interim report stating that a loss of pressure in the cabin had led to the inability of those on board to act. The 72-year-old pilot started in Jerez, Spain, with three passengers and was headed for Cologne.

Crashed off the coast of Latvia

The plane continued to fly in a northeasterly direction until it crashed into the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia. It fell into the sea west of the Latvian port city of Ventspils. Rescue workers found the remains of the crashed machine about 200 meters from the original search location at a depth of about 60 meters. There was no longer any hope of survivors.

Munich district court: trial against climate activists begins

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People want to express solidarity with the imprisoned climate activists. © Alexander Pohl via IMAGO

The trial of three climate activists from the “Last Generation” group for blocking traffic in downtown Munich began on Wednesday.

Munich – The public prosecutor accuses the climate activists of coercion in two cases.

During a protest on November 3rd, the activists and other members of the «last generation» blocked the traffic in downtown Munich twice within a few hours by sometimes sticking to the street. Since they also announced further actions at the time, they were taken into preventive police custody in the Stadelheim prison. According to the group, they were only released last Saturday.

In prison, she made a conscious decision not to mourn her freedom, said one of the accused, a 25-year-old woman, in court. “I’m sacrificing my freedom here for a future with more freedom and less suffering.”

The “Last Generation” group is currently making headlines with its blockades or attacks on works of art. The activists want to draw attention to the destruction of the environment and climate change. They demand “simple, vital” measures from the government, such as a speed limit on motorways or a 9 euro ticket for local public transport. (dpa)

Kanye West: Which companies made him a billionaire


Kanye West lost $2 billion after the deal with Adidas ended.
Getty Images / Collage: Dominik Schmitt

After anti-Semitic statements by rapper Kanye West, several companies canceled their collaboration with the American. He is said to have earned around 221 million euros a year with the Adidas deal.

West is also involved in other companies. He founded his own music label Good Music in 2004. A few years later he founded his design studio Donda. In 2011, he flopped his own burger chain, Fatburger.

He also wants to buy the controversial social media network Parler, made famous by Donald Trump.

Kanye West was once known only for his music. Produced one hit after the other, shaped generations with his rap songs. But that time is now over. The 45-year-old music star became a man looking for one scandal after the next.

In early October, the rapper attended Paris Fashion Week. He wore a t-shirt that said “White Lives Matter,” meaning: White lives matter. The saying is a reaction by right-wing extremists to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Under the motto, hundreds of thousands of people protested against police violence and racism in 2020 after the Black US citizen George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. In recent years, West has polarized with his support for ex-US President Donald Trump.

Kanye West hugs former US President Donald Trump.

Kanye West hugs former US President Donald Trump.
Pool/Getty Images

At the end of October, the last derailment of the rapper followed. In a tweet he wrote: “I’m a bit tired tonight but when I wake up it’s going to be death con level 3 against Jewish people”. With “death con” the rapper alluded to the abbreviation Defcon. It indicates the level of alert the US military is on. Five is the lowest level and one is the highest level. West’s statement: anti-Jewish.

Companies end cooperation with West

The consequences were not long in coming. The German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas, which had worked with West since 2013, parted ways with the rapper. In a press release, the company wrote, “Ye’s recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful and dangerous.” The company does not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech. With immediate effect, the Herzogenaurach-based company ended the production of the shoe brand Yeezy, which was created in cooperation with the rapper – 250 million euros less income per year for Adidas.

Kanye West with Adidas manager Eric Liedtke.

Kanye West with Adidas manager Eric Liedtke.
Jonathan Leibson / Freelance Photographer

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Other companies did the same for the group. The fashion label Balenciaga, the clothing brand Gap and even the bank JPMorgan Chase separated from West. According to “Forbes”, Ye even lost his rank as a billionaire, on Instagram he himself estimated his loss at two billion dollars.

But West didn’t lose all his money. Forbes still estimates his fortune at around 400 million US dollars. Business Insider took a look at West’s corporate empire.

In 2004, Ye established his own music label under the name goodmusic. An acronym for Getting Out of Our Dreams. In the past, the label has promoted various albums by their artists on the website. Among other things, John Legend signed his contract with the label in 2004. US rappers Tyga and Travis Scott were also part of Good Music.

However, the site has not been available for a few days. According to “Webarchive”, a service that preserves websites, it was last accessed on October 18th. But the label seems to have been crumbling for a long time. Already last year announced the label Def Jam that it is no longer working with West’s Good Music. Def Jam is one of the most important labels in the hip hop segment.

West’s burger offensive flopped

Four years after West founded his label, he invested in an area unrelated to music. In 2008 he announced that he would set up his own burger chain. with his company KW Foods LLC he wanted to open ten branches under the name “Fatburger”. However, only two stores actually started operations. But in 2011 it was already over. West closed both restaurants, putting an abrupt end to his budding food empire.

But it didn’t take long for Ye to come up with a new project. In 2012 he stomped donda from the soil. The company, named after his mother Donda West, is a creative agency with high self-declared standards: They want to continue where Steve Jobs left off. Jobs is the founder of the iPhone manufacturer Apple and is considered a genius when it comes to design and innovation.

The Empire of Kanye West.

The Empire of Kanye West.
Picture Alliance / Business Insider

Donda: A hodgepodge of creatives

West’s plan was to unite a smorgasbord of professions into one team under Donda. These included architects, graphic designers, music producers, writers, publicists and social media experts. But car and clothing designers, lawyers and doctors were also part of the team. Donda should consist of a total of 22 departments, like West in one now wrote deleted tweet.

The goal of his company is to create products and experiences that people want and can afford. How many people actually work for Donda is unclear. At least they seem to be working. Only in January this year, the design studio published a design for a car made of foam.

Kanye West with his mother Donda in 2005.

Kanye West with his mother Donda in 2005.
picture-alliance/ dpa/dpaweb | Hubert Boesl

In 2013, West announced his cooperation with the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas. Previously, the rapper already had shoes under his brand together with Nike yeezy brought out. In 2015 they released their first collection together. And apparently it went well. So well, that a year later, Adidas issued a press release stating that they were expanding their collaboration: “For almost two years, adidas Originals has enjoyed great success with Yeezy, as well as tremendous global traction. Now, the unprecedented new collaboration is making history as the most significant partnership ever between a non-athlete celebrity and a sports brand. This partnership will redefine the future, combining adidas technical and innovative expertise and competence with West’s visionary imagination.”

221 million euros per year for West

It is not surprising that Adidas was so euphoric about the cooperation with the rapper. Most recently, Yeezy accounted for 7.5 percent of Adidas sales. After the end of the cooperation, the group’s net profit should be up to 250 million euros lower. The sneaker business was also lucrative for West. The rapper is said to have earned 220 million dollars (220 million euros) every year through the cooperation with Adidas, reports “forbes“. The good news for West: he owns the trademark rights to Yeezy, although Adidas also has the design rights, eh the company announced.

Kanye West wears Yeezys alongside his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West wears Yeezys alongside his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

In 2015 West came back to his roots – at least as far as his business is concerned. Rapper Jay Z acquired Tidal, a music streaming service. Kanye West became a co-owner. The service has focused on lossless music streaming. But despite well-known artists, some of whom released their music exclusively on Tidal, there was no success.

Among other things, Kanye West released his album in advance on the service. The company is keeping a low profile when it comes to user numbers. In 2018, however, it is said to have been around three million. For comparison: competitor Spotify counted 207 million in the same year. It was even said that Tidal could be taken over by Apple. However, the deal never materialized.

In 2017, West broke with the streaming service Tidal. The platform is said to have owed him around three million dollars. West ended his contract effective immediately.

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West wants to buy controversial platform Parler

After West had been repeatedly noticed by controversy in recent years, he announced only this year that he wants to buy the Twitter clone Parler. The network is best known in the USA. After former US President Trump was banned from Twitter over the storming of the Capitol, he and many of his followers migrated — to Parler.

Allowed there: pretty much everything. Among other things, the denial of the Holocaust, as the company’s former CEO told “Meedia2020 himself admitted. “There are a lot of people in the world who think like that. And they’re idiots,” said John Matze. That’s why they don’t want to censor these statements, it’s not the responsibility of the network.

On his purchase plans, West said in a press release of the social media service: “In a world where conservative opinions are considered controversial, we must ensure that we have the right to express ourselves freely”. Just days before the announcement, Twitter blocked the rapper from the platform for making anti-Semitic comments. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, according to Parler. So West doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas and continues to have an outlet in Parler to let people participate.

So what remains of West’s empire? His burger chain failed. Promising and lucrative cooperations were terminated unilaterally. His design studio is at least still irrelevant. His label can no longer be found. Many of his friends have distanced themselves and West is in danger of slipping further and further. The career of the once celebrated music star seems to be over.

Hamburg marathon: European champion wrestler wants to run Olympic standard | NDR.de


Status: 11/30/2022 3:03 p.m

European marathon champion Richard Ringer wants to create the conditions for participation in the Olympic Games in Paris early on at the 37th edition of the Hamburg marathon on April 23 next year. On Wednesday, the 33-year-old from LC Rehlingen explained at a press conference organized by the organizer that he didn’t just aim for the norm of 2:09:40 hours. Ringer referred to the large number of strong German runners and emphasized: “I’m not based on records, I’m based on myself.” The fact that a time in the range of his personal best of 2:08:49 would be enough to undercut the norm would not be enough for him. | 11/30/2022 15:03

Death threats against Meghan: terror expert Neil Basu unpacks entertainment


These findings put the Megxit in a completely different light…

Duchess Meghan (41) was threatened with death! When the American with Afro-American roots became the new woman at Harry’s (38) side, she received death threats, reports British police chief and terror expert Neil Basu (54). “If you had seen the stuff that was written…”

Find out with BILDplus who Meghan was after her life and what a palace insider has to say about the attacks.

“Condé Nast Traveller”: Vienna among the top 23 travel destinations for 2023 – travel news


Vienna is on a roll: Apart from the fact that the city is repeatedly voted the unfriendliest in the world by expats, travel magazines seem to be keen on our federal capital. Only recently did the colleagues from the US “Travel + Leisure” submit their 50 travel tips for the coming year: Vienna was one of them.

The number of students has fallen for the first time in 15 years


According to the Federal Statistical Office, 2.9 million students are currently enrolled at a university in Germany.

From a preliminary study by Federal Statistical Office shows that the number of students at universities in Germany has decreased in the current winter semester.

Around 2,915,700 people are studying in the current 2022/2023 winter semester, around one percent fewer than in the previous year.

The evaluation shows a reduction in the total number of students in Germany on the one hand and an increase in the number of freshmen on the other.

Graduating from college seemed to be becoming increasingly popular and relevant. One indicator for this was that there was an annual increase in the number of people enrolled in German universities. Now, for the first time in 15 years, there is a backward trend.

From a preliminary study by Federal Statistical Office shows that the number of students at universities in Germany has decreased in the current winter semester. According to the results of the Federal Office, 2.9 million students are currently enrolled at a university in Germany. That is around 30,400 fewer than in the 2021/2022 winter semester, i.e. around one percent less. According to the statisticians, the number of students has thus fallen again for the first time since the 2007/2008 winter semester.

Fewer students, more freshmen

But: Although the evaluation shows that the total number of students in Germany has fallen, the number of freshmen has increased slightly according to the first preliminary results: In the summer and winter semester of 2022, 474,100 people in Germany registered for a degree program. This corresponds to an increase of 0.4 percent over the previous year and a total of 1800 people.

The reason for this could be the relaxed corona measures, so that more people from abroad come to Germany to study here.

And: The negative trend in the total number of students is not the same for all types of universities. Around 1.8 percent fewer people are currently studying at universities and 1.1 percent fewer at administrative colleges than in the previous year. In contrast, there was an increase of 0.2 percent at technical colleges and a growth of 1.4 percent at art colleges.

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