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After 26 years of marriage: Natalia and Vitali Klitschko are getting divorced! | politics


After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

After 25 years of marriage: Natalia (48) and Vitali Klitschko (51) are getting divorced!

Confession at “My husband can”: With whom Giulia Siegel kisses | entertainment


Confession at “My Husband Can” |

With whom Giulia Siegel snogged

New challenges at “My husband can” on Monday evening!

Moderator Daniel Boschmann (41) welcomed four celebrity couples whose men competed against each other to bag the prize of 10,000 euros for a good cause.

Reality TV supermama Silvia Wollny (57) ventured into the show with partner Harald Elsenbast (62), singer Joey Heindle (29) brought girlfriend Ramona Elsener (30) with her. Reality star and DJane Giulia Siegel (47) wanted to win with friend Ludwig Heer (41).

The “Summer House of the Stars” couple Lisha (36) and Lou (34) also took part – and this time Lisha in particular did not mince words. When Boschmann asked the Elffach mother Silvia Wollny: “What is your husband particularly good at?” Lisha slipped out: “Be fertile!”

Lou works hard for his Lisha

Photo: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen

However, the first game had to be played by Joey Heindle, who managed to jump over a bar from a swing without any problems. Giulia and Ludwig soon caught up, but Giulia got into a good chatting mood before the game of sorting and assigning. Daniel Boschmann explained the challenge: pictures of royal couples should be assigned to each other.

And Giulia already revealed that her Ludwig is a passionate fan of gossip: “He’s the one who reads the gossip magazines. He has more information about celebrities and what they do.” Boschmann didn’t mince his words and wanted to know: “Who is he most keen on?”

Giulia revealed relaxed: “To all women.” And not only that – the seal friend also loves to make contact with the female TV world. Giulia explained: “He then also writes to the girls on Instagram.” However, that doesn’t bother her at all, she even sees a rendezvous easily: “He can also meet them. I do not have a problem with it.”

Daniel Boschmann wanted to go into more detail: “Is that something like an open relationship?” Giulia denied that, but then admitted that she herself is not a child of sadness: “It’s not like I wouldn’t too make out with a girl or something…I’m not bisexual, but I like making out.”

Daniel Boschmann at the table with Lisha, Ramona Elsener, Giulia Siegel Silvia Wollny (from left)

Daniel Boschmann at the table with Lisha, Ramona Elsener, Giulia Siegel Silvia Wollny (from left)

Photo: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen

Heindle friend Ramona doesn’t think much of jealousy either – which in turn caused Lisha to be dismayed: “What’s the matter with you?” he would not live anymore. He can text ME!”

But then her husband got a huge smack after the final game, in which he played against Giulia’s partner Ludwig Heer. A cocktail had to be mixed from a lofty height – and although restaurateur Ludwig was first in the lead, Lou was able to turn things around at the last second.

Lisha and Lou were thus named “My husband can – power couple” and immediately agreed on where the prize money of 10,000 euros should be donated: “Animal welfare. Always animal welfare!”

“ZDF Fernsehgarten”: Who else changed everything on TV? | entertainment


After Kiewel’s “I have to” statement on the ZDF television garden |

Who changed how and why on TV?

What’s next?

Strange scene in the “ZDF TV Garden” on Sunday. Moderator Andrea Kiewel (57) took a bumpy gender break – said that she “must” do it.

When asked by BILD, ZDF denied it. Kievel stated that she changed out of “deepest conviction”.

Member of the Bundestag Kai Wegner (49, CDU) still sees the action critically. He to BILD: “Gender is annoying. No more this aloof artificial language.”

How does it look otherwise in the TV landscape?

► According to a spokeswoman, ZDF has “no specifications and regulations”. Editors and moderators make their own decisions.

► And at the ARD? In general, there are no specifications for gendering at the nine broadcasting stations. But when it comes to HR, editors are recommended to use “gender-fair language”. SWR and RBB have guidelines.

Judith Rakers moderates the Tagesschau: ARD does not yet have a gender requirement

Photo: NDR/Thorsten Jander

How are the private broadcasters doing? An RTL spokeswoman: “We advocate gender-sensitive language, but our moderators do not gender.”

According to an INSA survey for BILD, 74 percent of those questioned do not think that the German language should change in the interests of gender equality.

Only 15 percent find it good that gender-neutral language is used in public service broadcasting.

Gendern: That’s what’s behind it

Proponents of so-called gendering want an “inclusive language” for all gender identities. They believe that the generic masculine (“the readers”) only means men (and possibly including women).

They often regard double forms (“readers”) as insufficient, because that would not address the “alternative genders”.

That’s why they mostly write about “readers”. Sometimes they use a colon, underscore, or slash instead of an asterisk. There is also the progressive form (“readers”).

Elvis: His family makes so much money with him today | entertainment


The King died 45 years ago |

Who collects the most from the Elvis heirs?

When it comes to making money, he’s the king!

Tuesday 16 August. Music legend Elvis Presley († 42) died 45 years ago today. But for his fans, Presley lives on, thousands now make the pilgrimage to the Elvis estate Graceland in Memphis (USA), listen to the songs, watch the new Elvis film in the cinema.

The cash register rings! The market value of Elvis Presley Enterprises? Has increased to around 1 billion euros in the last two years. The record company Sony makes an average annual turnover of 23 million euros with Elvis’ songs.

The heirs of the music legend: Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley (centre) with her daughter Lisa Marie (2nd from left) and their daughters Harper (13, from left), Riley and Finley (13) in Los Angeles at the end of June

Photo: Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

Winner? Elvis’ ex Priscilla (77). Her fortune is now estimated at around 50 million euros. Together with banker Jack Soden (76, head of Presley-Enterprises), she developed, among other things, Graceland into a fan location.

He to BILD: “Only the White House is better known than us.”

Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough (33) cashes in as a model for luxury brands. your fortune? Around 5 million euros.

In 1976 Elvis and Priscilla married in Las Vegas

In 1976 Elvis and Priscilla married in Las Vegas


Loser: Priscilla and Elvis’ daughter Lisa-Marie (54). She is said to have accumulated debts of around 16 million euros, as came out in 2018 when she divorced guitarist Michael Lockwood (61).

Because of de Jong: “Mafia” attack against Barça | Sports


Next chapter in Barcelona and Frenkie de Jong’s smutty divorce (25)!

Ex-Holland star Rafael van der Vaart (39) accuses the Barça bosses of mafia-like approaches in dealing with his compatriot, says on TV on “Ziggo Sport”: “You can’t treat people like that. Frenkie earns too much? First you sign a contract and then you fulfill it or you go on good terms but not like that. This is mafia and they must be punished.”

Background: The Catalans have financial problems, but still bought new stars (including Lewandowski) for 153 million. “Old” Barça stars like de Jong (came in 2019 for 80 million) are therefore under pressure to either leave Barça or join one giving up most of their salary.

Friede Springer celebrates her 80th: “A woman with a big heart” | politics


Friede Springer celebrates her 80th birthday |

“A woman with a big heart”

A big time for Friede Springer, who celebrated her 80th birthday this Monday in the Springer House in Berlin!

Around 150 guests were invited to the reception on the 19th floor, including the very first row from German politics, culture and media: EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, former Federal Presidents Horst Köhler and Joachim Gauck, Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst, former Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble!

Above all, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised Friede Springer in his speech as “a woman with clear convictions and a big heart”. Scholz: “Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for a free press!”

Ex-Federal President Joachim Gauck: “She should stay as she is”

Photo: ©Niels Starnick/Image/BamS

Hug and congratulations from Mathias Döpfner:

Hug and congratulations from Mathias Döpfner: “I envy your optimism”

Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner emphasized Friede Springer’s “modesty, down-to-earthness, her courage”. Döpfner referred to the commitment of the Friede Springer Foundation named after her. On this day, the birthday child seems like someone “who is at peace with themselves. You radiate that and infect others with it.”

Friede Springer returned the praise to Döpfner: “Mathias, you have turned the company into a world-class group.” Thank you “everyone for this great party. I’m happy and satisfied!”

Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer:

Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer: “Hope she’ll be 100 – like me”

Photo: BrauerPhotos / J.Reetz

Gloria von Thurn und Taxis:

Gloria von Thurn und Taxis: “I wish her that she keeps her zest for life”

Photo: ©Niels Starnick/Image/BamS

Friede Springer (centre) with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (right) and Berlin's Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey

Friede Springer (M.) with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (R.) and Berlin’s Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (L.)

Photo: Daniel Biskup

Congratulated together: Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia with his wife Sophie

Congratulated together: Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia with his wife Sophie

Photo: BrauerPhotos / J.Reetz

Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (left) and Angela Merkel's husband Joachim Sauer (right)

Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (left) and Angela Merkel’s husband Joachim Sauer (right)

Photo: Daniel Biskup

A Century Life

Born in 1942 on Föhr (North Sea). 1965 nanny for publisher Axel Springer (including BILD, WELT). 1978 marriage.

After the death of her husband (1985), she took over the helm of the publishing house, fended off attacks from shareholders and the competition, continued Axel Springer’s fight against Jew hatred and for freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Friede Springer: “At first I was totally overwhelmed.” But: “Giving up was not an option.”

Private happiness: Axel Springer shortly before his death with his wife Friede on her 43rd birthday (1985)

Private happiness: Axel Springer shortly before his death with his wife Friede on her 43rd birthday (1985)

Photo: private

Elegant: Friede and Axel Springer in 1973 at the Vienna Opera Ball

Elegant: Friede and Axel Springer in 1973 at the Vienna Opera Ball

Photo: Corporate Archives

Friede Springer ensured the transition of the media company into a digital future, remained in a key position on the Supervisory Board of Axel Springer SE, heads the non-profit Axel Springer Foundation and also founded her own Friede Springer Foundation.

The jubilarian on Monday: “Not a single day was boring!”

Center Parcs | Europe-wide business event locations


The Center Parcs parks are located in the middle of the most beautiful regions of Germany: on the North Sea coast, in the Lüneburg Heath, in the Hochsauerland and in the Allgäu. As multifunctional business event locations, all of these parks have the best prerequisites for implementing business events, incentives, interactive meetings and team building.

Stand like this business center with a flexibly configurable partition wall system, hotel rooms and houses of different sizes and comforts, various restaurant concepts and very special event areas such as the tropical Aqua Mundo swimming pool. Some parks also have large multifunctional halls with more than 1,000 square meters and centrally located open spaces for hall structures for up to 2,000 people. The selection of team building variants varies depending on the park; however, the range of possibilities is wide everywhere. Whether high ropes course, geo-caching or team Olympics – there is a suitable concept for every team.


But also beyond Germany, e.g in the Netherlands and Belgium, Center Parcs has first class parks for business events in its repertoire. Here you will find the successful combination of diverse accommodation, very special event areas and a wide range of activities. Many of the business centers are spacious and freshly modernized. For example, Center Parcs is located in the middle of the Dutch polder landscape De Eemhof. The 700sqm bright and friendly business center offers 9 conference rooms for up to 600 people. A special highlight is the marina with 100 waterfront suites of various sizes. Depending on the occupancy, groups of up to 250 or 500 people can be accommodated here. accommodate. Other parks by the sea with business facilities are located directly on the North Sea beach Park Zandvoort and Center Parcs Port Zelande between North and Grevelingensee.

Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

The park is located inland near Nijmegen on the German border Het Heijderbos in the middle of one of the most beautiful forest areas in Limburg. The 800 sqm modern and stylish business center with 10 conference rooms can accommodate up to 500 people. A special highlight awaits business groups here as well. The “Jungle Dome”, an adventure world with tropical plants, exotic birds and a waterfall, can also be rented exclusively for large groups, eg for an evening event with a jungle atmosphere. If you like, you can also spend the whole night in one of the 18 jungle cabanas.

Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

The park is located near the German border, just under an hour’s drive from Aachen De Vossemeren in Lommel, Belgium, extensively on a lake. The newly renovated business center offers 8 conference rooms that can be variably combined and a plenary hall for up to 500 people. In addition, an area of ​​the 3,150 square meter multifunctional hall can also be used for events and individual requests. 60 hotel rooms and 650 houses leave enough scope for the ideal accommodation combination. Unforgettable themed evenings can be staged in “Discovery Bay” with a stranded pirate ship and tropical vegetation.

Center Parcs De Vossemeren

With 27 parks, there is a large selection. In addition to the countries already mentioned, there are also 7 parks in France to the portfolio and the opening of another park in Denmark is already planned for autumn 2024.

All parks are also suitable for incentives or are also available for exclusive rental with sufficient advance notice. Whether it’s a company summer camp or an incentive for employees and their families – there are no limits to the design options with a park buyout.

Request your individual offer now: https://business.groupepvcp.com/de-de/angebote

Image source: Center Parcs

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Elves travel to France after a tournament in Fritzlar


Handball, Women’s Bundesliga
Elves travel to France after a tournament in Fritzlar

The TSV Bayer 04 Bundesliga handball players are currently on the road a lot to prepare for the new season. Fourth place was the result at the Domstadt-Cup in Fritzlar, now the team of coach Johan Petersson is going on in France.

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European Championships: Emma Hinze from Cottbus takes sprint gold | Sports


Hinze confession after EM title |

Gold Emma vomited before the final run!

This woman is insane!

Third race, third victory for Emma Hinze (24) at the European Championships in Munich. After the team sprint and time trial over 500 m, the woman from Cottbus also won the sprint. In the final, the five-time world champion defeated French Mathilde Gros (23) in three runs. In the end, the finish photo has to decide, because the German was ahead by millimeters.

Hinze: “I’m through all emotions today. I didn’t expect to win. My stomach didn’t cooperate at all. I threw up, cried and thought I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t eat anything, I was throwing up so often and I knew something was wrong with my stomach.”

So also before the final run.

For Germany it was the sixth track gold at this European Championship. Except for one pursuer Nicolas Heinrich (20), only women won. And he is trained by record world champion and double Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (31).

But Hinze will not get the fourth gold on Tuesday in Keirin. Even after her sprint victory she had to vomit. “The overall stress of the last few days has taken its toll on her, so we want to protect her for health reasons,” said national coach Jan van Eijden (46).

Hinze also sees it this way: “It’s enough for me. I’ve gone over my limit very often. I want to be good at the World Cup in October, I don’t have to risk that.”

“I stuffed gels in here, but they came out again. I didn’t really have any strength,” says Hinze. Why did she still win? “I think Mathilde drew the one and thought she had won.” The one means she has to be on the track before her opponent.

However, she and her opponent had to wait a long time for their final run. The third run was postponed by 45 minutes because of a mass fall in the points race of the women’s Omnium, because the Greek Argiro Milaki (30) and Hanna Solowej (30) from Ukraine received medical treatment on the track before they came to the hospital.

Emma Hinze can hardly believe her luck. The Cottbus native is the most successful athlete at the European Championships

Photo: Pavel Golovkin/AP

Two of the other three who fell completed the competition, the Hungarian Kitti Borissza gave up injured, but was able to go off the track herself. According to initial information, she also went to the hospital with a suspected broken collarbone.

“The long break definitely didn’t harm Emma, ​​otherwise the third run might have ended differently. She just didn’t feel good today,” said van Eijden. “I thought it was really bad how long the girls lay there. But you have to push that away from yourself.”

Emma Hinze (left) only had her bike ahead of Mathilde Gros by a centimeter

Emma Hinze (left) only had her bike ahead of Mathilde Gros by a centimeter


Hinze’s body was able to recover over time. “Eating, drinking, listening to music and going to the toilet, I did all that.” And then I won.

Maximilian Dörnbach (26) had previously won bronze in the 1000 m time trial. The man from Erfurt was only beaten by Frenchman Melvin Landerneau (24/59.975 seconds) and Italian Matteo Bianchi (20/1:00.089) in a time of 1:00.225 minutes.

Hot wood instead of hot beats: Stereoact build a barrel sauna | entertainment


Hot wood instead of hot beats |

Stereoact build barrel sauna

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Hot beats aren’t enough for them: the remix artists from Stereoact (“Die immer lacht”), otherwise responsible for fat dance tracks, build themselves a sauna despite the persistent summer heat. Well, aren’t the temperatures high enough for them?

Rico Nennel with a cordless screwdriver, rubber mallet and building instructions (on the floor) for his barrel sauna

Photo: Private

DJ Rico Lassen (44) to BILD: “I’ve always wanted to have a barrel sauna. When the opportunity arose, I hit the hardware store.” DJ buddy Sebastian Seidel (38) helped out. The sweat lodge is in the garden of Einekel’s house in Gornsdorf near Chemnitz (Saxony).

In chic grey, protected against the effects of the weather, this is what the good piece looks like when it is finished

Gray and clapboard against the rain, the sauna is in the garden

Photo: Private

Do the musicians even have any idea about sauna construction?

Einekel: “I am a trained gas and water fitter. I already have a certain manual talent. But I honestly admit that the construction was more demanding than I thought. Despite the kit, support and instructions, it took three days. Sawing, screwing, measuring, sealing. Really a lot of work. The cordless screwdriver became my second best friend…”

Four people fit in the sauna, and who is allowed in? The artist mischievously: “I have a lovely wife, three great children. They’re already set. Of course, friends are always welcome.”

You could also use it as a recording studio, right?

Schlager star Kerstin Ott (40) bottom right.  A photo of German music history.  Created in 2015 in the makeshift living room studio of stereo act DJ Rico Lassen.  She had just re-sung her remixed hit

A photo of German music history, taken in 2015 in the makeshift living room studio of stereo act DJ Rico Denkel (kneeling, white T-shirt). Schlager star Kerstin Ott (40) bottom right. She had just re-sung her remixed hit “Die immer lacht”. In front of her, wearing a baseball cap, is stereo act DJ Sebastian Seidel.

Photo: private

Einekel thinks: “It would be possible… If I remember how we produced Kerstin Ott with ‘Die immer lacht’ seven years ago. We had discovered the song that had been on YouTube for a long time. We thought he was great. Remixed it and then contacted them. She was delighted. Of course it had to be re-sung. We then invited Kerstin to our place, spontaneously converted my living room into a studio and Kerstin banged it out. The fact that it is so successful is also thanks to our makeshift studio. Maybe we should really try the barrel sauna.”