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Parties – Hamburg – Hamburger CDU sets course in educational policy – politics


Hamburg (dpa / lno) – Two years before the general election, the Hamburg CDU has set its direction in school and education policy. A leading proposal from the party executive entitled “Efficient, high-quality and inclusive education and training for Hamburg” was unanimously approved by the 140 delegates of a state committee on Tuesday evening. In the 20-page paper, the CDU advocates, among other things, the stronger integration of daycare and school. In addition, more respect is demanded of the teachers, said the state chairman Christoph Ploß.

School policy is of central importance for the coming general election. The lead motion calls for a “fixed basic knowledge base” to be laid down in the primary school curricula. The transition to secondary schools must be flexible according to the learning level of the students. In addition, the CDU wants to campaign for increased efforts in recruiting teachers and digitization.

Every fifth child in Hamburg cannot write, read or calculate properly at the end of elementary school, said Birgit Stöver, the education expert for the parliamentary group. “Around 20 percent of the fifth graders start with a deficit that can hardly be made up.” In order to compensate for this, education in Hamburg must start earlier. “We want to strengthen day-care centers and elementary schools and think together.” A demand for a senator for day care centers and schools, originally contained in the draft of the state executive board, was deleted before the meeting of the state executive board.

The training of teachers must be strengthened and the attractiveness of the teaching profession increased. “Teachers need relief for this,” said Stöver. In addition, the loss of lessons at Hamburg schools must “finally” be reduced.

Respect is also part of strengthening the teaching profession, said Ploß. In the past this was taken for granted. “Unfortunately, that’s different in many parts of the city today.” He also pointed out that many elementary school students did not meet the standard standards in reading, writing and arithmetic. There needs to be targeted support here. “The first years are the most important years in a person’s life. If you don’t keep up and don’t speak the language, you have big problems.”

Ploß and CDU parliamentary group leader Dennis Thering used their reports to the party conference to severely criticize the red-green Senate of Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). The coalition partners are not pulling in the same direction when it comes to port, transport or energy policy, said Thering. “This Senate of SPD and Greens is hopelessly divided and where they are not divided, they are incompetent.”

The CDU, on the other hand, is clearly committed to the port, stands “without ifs and buts” in favor of the construction of the A26 East and also has a clear edge when it comes to internal security, he said. That will also pay off for some up until the 2025 state elections, “when we want to take over government responsibility for our city again.”

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Fürstenfeldbruck’s mayoral candidates discuss sport – Fürstenfeldbruck


The lack of a covered ice rink is a permanent topic of local politics in the county seat, which has also become an issue in the current mayoral election campaign. The skating club has therefore invited the six candidates to a panel discussion. This will take place on Friday, February 10th at 7 p.m. in the hall of the TuS clubhouse on the Lände. Of course, the evening should also be about “sport and sports facilities in Fürstenfeldbruck” in general, as the event is called.

Weapons – USA accuse Russia of violation of disarmament treaty – Politics


Washington (AP) – The United States accuses Russia of not fulfilling its obligations under the “New Start” disarmament treaty. The German press agency learned this from NATO circles. Among other things, the US broadcaster CNN and the “Wall Street Journal” quoted from a corresponding statement by the US State Department.

Russia refuses to allow inspections on its own territory, violating its obligations under the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty. “Russia’s refusal to facilitate inspection activities prevents the United States from exercising important rights under the treaty and threatens the viability of US-Russian nuclear arms control,” the statement said.

The New Start disarmament treaty is the only remaining major arms control agreement between the United States and Russia. The treaty limits the nuclear arsenals of both countries to 800 delivery systems and 1,550 operational warheads each.

In February 2021, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to extend New Start until 2026. However, an important element of the treaty, the mutual control of the respective nuclear arsenals, has been suspended since the summer. Russia complained that it was no longer able to make inspection trips to the USA because of the sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine war, and for its part canceled western inspections.

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Katie Price: Plump Latex Shoot | entertainment


Hard times for this rubber body, peak times for all fans of British model Katie Price (44)!

For paying customers their OnlyFans account the former boxing babe had her picture taken in a tight rag of latex, in sinful red, suitable for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

In the PVC lingerie, Price immediately presented her new boobs. They’re sticking out of the hot bun, unmistakable and quite bulging, while Katie pouts for the camera and very slowly unzips the south.

A feast for lovers of big breasts – but a real torture for Katie’s body!

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The 44-year-old mother of five just recently underwent her 16th (!) breast surgery. Katie had her first beauty procedure at the age of 18, when she had her breasts enlarged from their natural cup size of 70B to a C cup.

Over the years, Price has had her breasts enlarged, reduced, and enlarged again – real breast yo-yo. However, the model is currently opting for the extra plump look and, according to an insider, has allegedly even set a goal of one day having the largest breasts in the United Kingdom. The British “Sun” reported.

Once upon a time: Katie Price in 1996 before her beauty surgeries

Photo: ullstein bild

According to the source, Katie had 2,120 milliliter implants used for this purpose. In an interview with moderator Nigel Farage (58), the reality star admitted: “These are the biggest breasts I’ve ever had.”

Just stupid: The model should be anything but satisfied.’. A source told The Sun: “Katie is suffering from her new boobs because they are too big for her small body and they give her a constant backache.” She is even considering having her implants removed again.

Currently, however, Price seems to have made friends with her new acquisition if you look at the result of the latex shoot.

The 44-year-old in an interview: “People never understand why I have my bust size enlarged because I never show it. The only exception is OnlyFans.”

No wonder – Katie can still cash in there!

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Journey through DR Congo and South Sudan: Pope calls for end to violence


As of: 01/31/2023 8:57 p.m

For six days, Pope Francis wants to campaign for peace in the DR Congo and in South Sudan. Upon his arrival, he called for an end to the violence and exploitation. People have high hopes for his visit.

Hundreds of thousands of people cheered Pope Francis in Kinshasa. The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the first stop on his six-day tour of the country and South Sudan. Congo’s President Félix Tshisekedi received the head of the Catholic Church with military honors in the presidential palace.

There Francis spoke out for peace and an end to the bloody conflicts in the country and in many areas of Africa. One cannot get used to the decades of bloodshed, he told Congolese government officials and diplomats. “Violence and hatred must no longer have a place in anyone’s heart or on their lips, because they are misanthropic and anti-Christian feelings that paralyze development and lead us back to a dark past.”

“Hands off Africa!”

He demanded that foreign powers stop exploiting the country. After political colonialism, an equally enslaving economic colonialism was unleashed, the pontiff said:

Hands off the Democratic Republic of the Congo, hands off Africa! Stop choking Africa: it is not a mine to be exploited, nor land to be plundered. May Africa herself be the protagonist of his destiny!

The trip, which the Pope describes as a “pilgrimage of peace,” was supposed to take place last summer. However, it was postponed due to health problems. It is the first papal visit to the Central African country in 37 years. Above all, the struggle for raw materials and rival military groups have displaced up to 5.5 million people within the country, more than in any other country in Africa.

Difficult security situation

Because of the very fragile security situation, the Pope remains in the Congo in the capital, Kinshasa. There, the security measures were massively increased during the visit: the police and army exchanged views with Vatican security forces and even the American FBI in advance. On Wednesday, Francis wants to hold a public mass at the N’Dolo military airport, to which up to two million believers from all over the country could travel. Half of the approximately 105 million inhabitants of Congo belong to the Catholic Church – the country on the equator thus has the most Catholics in Africa.

An originally planned visit to Goma in eastern Congo was cancelled. Dozens of armed militias are active there. Violence has recently escalated, with rebels repeatedly carrying out bloody attacks.

Following his visit to Congo, the 86-year-old plans to travel to South Sudan. Fighting there has hampered implementation of a 2018 peace deal meant to end a civil war. In the world’s youngest country, Francis will be joined by Archbishop of Canterbury in England Justin Welby and a representative of the Church of Scotland Iain Greenshields. The three church representatives want to demonstrate a united Christian commitment to South Sudan.

Francis wants to mediate

On his journey, Francis also wants to meet displaced people. Refugees are a big concern for the Argentine. The morning before departure, the Pope met people in Rome who had fled Congo and South Sudan. As Francis flew over the Sahara on the way, he asked for a prayer for those who “crossed the desert in search of some prosperity and freedom” and “didn’t make it”.

Many people hope that the Pope’s visit can help concretely improve the situation in the countries. He had already achieved this in South Sudan: in 2019 he invited the president and vice-president, who are rivals, to the Vatican and urged an end to the fighting. After that, the enemy politicians worked together.

“Grammy Awards”: Everything about the history, award and the winners | entertainment


On Sunday, February 5, 2023, they will be awarded for the 65th time: The Grammy Awards are the most important US music awards.

Read all about the history of the awards, how the ceremony works, who has won the most Grammys so far and much more!

What exactly is the Grammy?

This prize, which has been awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles since 1959, is considered the highest international award in the field of music. The coveted Grammy trophy is a shimmering golden gramophone sculpture.

Everyone who makes music dreams of one day being an award winner.

Madonna showing off her butt at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Everyone knows the well-known performers among the award winners. Jay Z and Beyonce hold the record for the most nominations: the stars were nominated for the award a total of 88 times. But the coveted Grammy isn’t just for them world famous starsbut to musicians of all categories, songwriters, composers, producers and many other musicians of all styles.

Is there money for the Grammy winner? No, there is no money for the trophy. But still: For all award winners, whether known or not, the Grammy means a big win, namely recognition, market value and thus also income.

This year there are Grammys for the best of the best in an unbelievable 91 categories and from 28 different fields. From classical to jazz, rap, Latin to pop, everything is included.

On November 15, 2022, the nominations for the 2023 Grammy were announced. This time, publications between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022 were eligible.

By the way: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 ceremony had been moved to Las Vegas. In 2023, the Grammy Awards will return to Los Angeles.

How are the Grammy Awards presented?

In each category, five candidates are first nominated by a jury; in the event of a tie, there can be more or fewer.

The lists of nominees are always published in January. The annual award winners will be announced and honored at a festive official award ceremony in early February.

The winners of the secondary categories will be announced on the Internet on the afternoon of the day of the award ceremony.

The approximately three-hour, elaborately made TV show in the evening then deals with the main categories. Traditionally, some nominated artists perform here, but also superstars of the music industry who are neither nominated nor awarded.

The Grammys are announced and presented in a similar way to the oscarsby different celebrities.

The Grammys Hall of Fame

The Grammy Hall of Fame has also existed since 1973. Very special songs and albums are recorded there. They must be at least 25 years old and have a special qualitative or historical significance.

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A similar honor has existed for Latin American music since 2000: the Latin Grammy.

Who has won the most Grammys so far?

As a solo artist, the conductor Sir Georg Solti has received the most “Grammy Awards” to date: 31. He also received the “Lifetime Achievement Awards”. But Michael Jackson also has a Grammy record: With eight Grammys from twelve nominations during the “Grammy Awards” in 1984 he received the most awards and most nominations during a single ceremony.

Interesting to know: Beyoncé has won 28 Grammys so far, more than any other woman. The legendary producer Quincy Jones, who worked with Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, has also won 28 Grammys. After Solti, Beyoncé and Quincy Jones, the list includes other composers and classical musicians. The next big pop star is Stevie Wonder at No. 5 with 25 Grammys, followed by Jay-Z and KanyeWest at number 8 with 24 Grammys each.

These are all of the 2022 Grammy Award winners

In 2022, too, the competition for the Grammy Awards was great: from Doja Cat to Olivia Rodrigo to Billie Eilish and Jay-Z, many mega stars were nominated.

These are the winners in the four main categories:

  • Album of the Year: “We Are” by Jon Batiste
  • Record of the Year: “Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic
  • Song of the Year: “Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic
  • Best New Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

An overview of all winners of 2022 can be found here:

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PTA-News: Software AG: Software AG increases digital business product sales for the 7th consecutive quarter and meets guidance for fiscal year 22


DJ PTA-News: Software AG: Software AG increases digital business product sales for the 7th consecutive quarter and meets forecast for fiscal year 22 – Strategic focus areas and outlook for 2023 published

Corporate announcement for the capital market

Darmstadt (pta/01/31/2023/19:59) – Results for the fourth quarter and the financial year 2022 announced as well as their strategic focus and the outlook for the financial year 2023 published.

Software AG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjay Brahmawar said:

“We were able to increase our product sales in the Digital Business for the seventh quarter in a row and closed the year 2022 with a strong result. We have thus met our sales and earnings forecasts for the 2022 financial year.

Today we announced clear priorities for 2023. We will focus even more on the cloud, driving application and data integration, and driving operational efficiencies to become a leaner enterprise. We are convinced that thanks to the resilience of our company and together with our new CFO Daniela, we will achieve the guidance for 2023 even in a difficult macroeconomic environment.”

Software AG Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Daniela Bünger said:

“With Helix, Software AG has laid a solid foundation for growth. Our task now is to continue to drive that growth and improve operational effectiveness by efficiently scaling the business. The plan for 2023 will structure our business more clearly and ensure that.” we will achieve our goals even in a difficult macroeconomic environment. We are convinced that we are setting realistic goals with the forecast for the 2023 financial year in the given context. I look forward to successful cooperation and implementation with the team.”

Key Results for 2022 – Transformation makes steady progress

[ Sofern nicht anders gekennzeichnet, erfolgen alle Angaben nach IFRS. Veränderungen werden währungsbereinigt und gerundet dargestellt. In den organischen Ergebnissen ist der Beitrag von StreamSets nicht berücksichtigt. Die Konzernergebnisse beinhalten StreamSets. ]

* Cloud business fuels strong Digital Business segment results: Organic bookings grew 15% in the fourth quarter and 12% for the full year, in line with guidance. * Transition to subscriptions underpins results in Adabas & Natural (A&N) segment: Subscriptions fueled fourth-quarter bookings growth of 144% and enabled full-year A&N bookings growth of 23%; the forecast was thus exceeded. * Cloud demand is picking up: Digital Business’ organic annual recurring revenue (ARR) grew 11%, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) bookings growing three times faster than subscriptions. Added to this was the continuous strong double-digit growth of StreamSets. * Robust Organic Product Revenue Growth: Organic product revenue improved 24% in the fourth quarter for full year organic product revenue growth of 7%, within guidance. * Continued robust organic results in line with expectations: Operating profit margin (EBITA, non-IFRS) was 23.1% for the fourth quarter and 21.2% for the full year, within the guidance range.

Priorities in 2023 – building on the Helix transformation program, the next phase of growth will be heralded

* Accelerated shift to cloud-first: Due to the high quality of the group’s cloud products, the demand for the cloud products increased more than expected, so that the organic SaaS bookings in the Digital Business segment increased by 30% in 2022. The Group will prioritize dedicated SaaS sales programs for growth products such as webMethods.io and StreamSets to capitalize on these market opportunities. * Focus on integration innovation: Cloud data integration and application integration markets are growing at 21% and will reach EUR 11 billion by 2026. The Group will direct resources to those areas where it offers leading products, is currently growing and has potential for further growth, and will accelerate innovation for its core products, webMethods.io and StreamSets. * Greater distribution specialization to increase effectiveness and efficiency: Beginning in North America, the Group will specialize its distribution to achieve greater impact with its growth products. This will improve the effectiveness of the go-to-market approach and lead to greater sales efficiency. * Exploiting A&N Opportunities: The Group will continue the ongoing transition to subscriptions that is paving the way for cloud rehosting and interaction with A&N customers and the Group’s broader digital business. *Optimization of operational strength: The efficiency and productivity of the group will be increased through a program that improves operational strength and will contribute to a margin improvement of around EUR 30 million to EUR 35 million in 2023 and deliver further benefits thereafter . Around 200 employees or 4% of the workforce (Full Time Equivalents, FTEs) will be affected.

Forecast for the year 2023 and forecast assumptions

As Software AG advances its business model transition to subscriptions, it announced today that it will use ARR as its leading forecasting metric, replacing product bookings. This applies to the two segments Digital Business and A&N. The other forecast parameters remain unchanged. Software AG will publish further details on the drivers of the ARR at its Capital Markets Day in June 2023.

The forecast for fiscal year 2023 is based on the continuous growth targets and the strategic focus for 2023 and takes into account the unpredictability of the overall economic environment.

The Group’s constant currency forecast ranges (excluding margin), including StreamSets, are as follows:

* Digital Business ARR growth between 10% and 15% * A&N ARR development between -2% and 2% * Consolidated product revenue growth between 6% and 10% * Operating profit margin (EBITA, non-IFRS) between 16% and 18%

Development of the business areas in the fourth quarter and for the full year 2022

Software AG’s organic bookings reached EUR 273.9 million in the fourth quarter. This corresponded to growth of 35% compared to the previous year (previous year EUR 195.1 million), for the year as a whole they rose to EUR 623.4 million or 15% (previous year EUR 517.7 million). ). Including StreamSets, group bookings amounted to EUR 315.0 million in the fourth quarter and EUR 700.1 million for the full year.

Organic bookings in the digital business increased by 15% year-on-year to EUR 197.6 million in the fourth quarter (previous year: EUR 164.8 million) and by 12% to EUR 478.9 million in the full year (previous year: EUR 406.0 million). Including StreamSets, group bookings in the digital business reached EUR 238.7 million in the fourth quarter and EUR 555.6 million for the year as a whole.

On an organic basis, Digital Business booked 93% of subscriptions and SaaS bookings in the fourth quarter and 91% for the full year.

In the A&N segment, the Group generated bookings of EUR 76.3 million in the fourth quarter (previous year: EUR 30.3 million) and EUR 144.5 million for the year as a whole (previous year: EUR 111.7 million). Compared to the previous year, this corresponded to an increase of 144% and 23% respectively.

Sales and earnings development in the fourth quarter and full year 2022

Software AG posted total organic revenue of EUR 292.0 million in the fourth quarter (prior year: EUR 234.6 million) and EUR 930.8 million for the full year (prior year: EUR 833.8 million). Including StreamSets, Software AG generated consolidated sales of EUR 303.8 million in the fourth quarter and EUR 958.2 million for the full year.

Organic product sales increased by 24% to EUR 251.4m in the fourth quarter (prior year: EUR 194.6m) and by 7% to EUR 773.4m for the full year (prior year: EUR 684.0m) . Including StreamSets IFRS revenue, Group product revenue reached EUR 261.0 million in the fourth quarter and EUR 795.6 million for the full year.

StreamSets IFRS revenue was €9.6 million in the fourth quarter and €22.1 million in the eight and a half months since the closing of the acquisition. The non-IFRS revenue contribution was calculated by adding the net negative non-operating effects, including the change in accounting principles to IFRS and the purchase price allocation in connection with the acquisition. Adjusted for these factors, the StreamSets non-IFRS revenue contribution for the full year was around EUR 27 million.

Organic product sales in the Digital Business increased by 7% to EUR 159.8 million in the fourth quarter. The Group has thus recorded an increase in product sales for the seventh consecutive quarter (previous year: EUR 143.3 million). For the year as a whole, organic digital business product sales grew by 7% to EUR 527.5 million (previous year: EUR 469.5 million). Including StreamSets, product sales in the Digital Business amounted to EUR 169.4 million in the fourth quarter and EUR 549.7 million for the full year.

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January 31, 2023 13:59 ET (18:59 GMT)

1860 Munich: Who follows Michael Köllner? Finch? happy? | Sports


An era has ended!

The lions released coach Michael Köllner (53) – after 1180 days in office. Just one win in the last seven games was not enough. The dreams of promotion are now too far away. The 1:2 against Dresden, one defeat too many.

The reaction afterwards: Priceless! Goalkeeper with a cheeky unfair throw-in

Sport boss Günther Gorenzel (53) is now temporarily taking over the coaching job in a dual function. He is supposed to lead the training with assistant coach Stefan Reisinger (41/is currently doing his football teacher) and will possibly also be on the sidelines in Oldenburg on Sunday (1 p.m.).

Gorenzel: “Köllner left deep marks here, I owe him the greatest thanks. He put his heart and soul into this club.”

But the fact is: For weeks he has been crunching behind the scenes, and as early as November contact was made with potential successor candidates. It is now being intensified. But it is unclear whether the lions will opt for the cheap version or the Champions League solution.

► As BILD already reported, Champions League winner Thorsten Fink (55/last Al Nasr Dubai) is a candidate. Gorenzel has been in contact with the ex-Bayern professional for a long time. But does the tight 1860 budget even allow for a nimble Fink commitment?

There is still no sign from investor Hasan Ismaik (45) whether fresh money will be made available. An early contract extension with main sponsor “Die Bayerische” is in the room. A decision has not yet been made here either.

► Therefore, in addition to Fink, there is also the bargain plan with ex-coach Torsten Fröhling (56/last U21 coach at Schalke). He saved the lions from being relegated to the third division in the 2015 relegation against Kiel, is known for his good youth work and is considered a motivator.

The lions are under a lot of pressure. Seven points behind second place can only be made up if the club quickly gets the curve. The next few weeks will show whether Köllner’s expulsion came too late.

► The farewell of a player has also been fixed since yesterday. Lorenz Knöferl (19) will be loaned out to Carl Zeiss Jena until the end of the season.

Brutal Scythe vs Casemiro Man United star completely shaved at goal show

Corona: Does an infection permanently weaken the immune system?


The cold and flu wave is stronger than usual this winter. According to immunologists, these are mainly catch-up effects, as fewer pathogens circulated during the pandemic.
marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The causes of the strong wave of colds in recent months are being hotly debated in specialist circles. One theory is that corona infections have weakened the immune systems in the general population or are causing children’s immune systems to age prematurely.

As an immunologist said to “Zeit Online”, most people do not currently have to worry that their immune system will work less well after a corona infection.

According to immunologists, the intensity of the cold and flu waves this winter are mainly catch-up effects, since these pathogens circulated less during the pandemic.

RS virus, influenza or a flu infection – the wave of colds that has swept through Germany in recent months has been extraordinary. After two winter seasons, mainly from the Pandemic were shaped, there are now other pathogens that, according to the “Mirror” are in focus. is completely forgotten corona but not. The news magazine reported that the main discussion was whether past corona infections made people more susceptible to others Diseases would have done. This would be a plausible explanation for the force of the cold wave this winter.

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Does the immune system age prematurely due to Corona?

The thesis that one or more corona infections permanently damage the immune system is put forward by various actors. For example, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) recently spoke in the “Rheinische Post”. According to Lauterbach, some studies would clearly show that people who have had several corona infections are often affected by an immune deficiency, the duration of which is not yet known.

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The Charité virologist Christian Drosten said “Daily Mirror”that the aging of the immune system in children after a corona infection is much more advanced than one would expect. He refers to immunological findings. “One can now ask oneself pointedly whether an unvaccinated child after infection might have the immune system of an 80-year-old at 30,” Drosten told the newspaper.

In most cases, the immune system regains its balance

But not all experts assess the situation as dramatically. So said the immunologist Christine Falk “Time Online”that the existing findings are often overinterpreted and are incomprehensible to laypersons anyway. Therefore, these should first be discussed in specialist circles.

Of course, a corona infection can put a strain on the immune system and have a short-term effect. However, the immunologist Sheena Cruickshank explained on the portal “The Conversation”that such temporary changes as a result of an infection are normal. She added that for most people there is no evidence to suggest damage to the immune system as a result of a corona infection. Christine Falk also commented on this in an interview with “Zeit Online”: “In my opinion, there is currently no reason for most people to worry that their immune system will work less well after one or more corona infections.”

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Masks not only protect against Corona

the “Mirror” reported that, according to immunologists, the most recent waves of colds are mainly catch-up effects of the pandemic, since the various respiratory pathogens circulated less strongly during the corona years.

The most important argument against the thesis that the cold wave was so strong due to massively weakened immune systems is explained by immunologist Falk in “Zeit Online”: “One would then not only expect an increase in RSV infections, but much more severe infections, such as those with atypical pathogens that do not normally make people ill.”


Politicians react divided to outdoor pool plans for Rees