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Sham referendums in Ukraine: “election observer” loses energy manager job | hessenschau.de


After appearing as an “election observer” at the Russian mock referendum in the Ukraine, the managing director of the North Hessian energy supplier EWF has been relieved of his duties. Even his belated insight didn’t help anymore.

The district administrator had called for it, and now it has been decided: The managing director of the North Hessian utility Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg (EWF), Stefan Schaller, will be released from his duties with immediate effect. This was announced by the supervisory boards and the EWF association board after a special meeting on Monday. The decision was therefore unanimous.

The reason for this is Schaller’s trip to Ukraine – at the invitation of Russia, he accompanied the Russian mock referendums there as an “election observer”.

“The behavior of the managing director clearly violates the world view, the moral values ​​and the philosophy of the company, which resolutely rejects violations of international law and any form of violence,” emphasized the chairman of the supervisory board of the energy company and district administrator of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, Jürgen van der Horst ( independent), according to a press release.

“Set a clear signal”

The exemption should “not only send a clear signal, but also avert damage to the company, which supplies around 90,000 households as a local energy supplier in Waldeck-Frankenberg,” the statement continues.

Schaller was relieved of his duties with immediate effect as a result of the immediate release. The future management of the energy supplier should be decided “perspectively”.

Manager: “Would never do it again”

Schaller himself regretted his trip to hr on Monday, which was purely private. “I would never do it again,” said the manager, who is still in Moscow. “I was just naive enough to think I could separate the technical observation from the political dimension.”

He had examined the technical process of voting. “Were people forced to vote, were there voting booths?” He also spoke to the people in the queues – with the help of a translator who had been put at his side. The manager admitted that he does not speak Russian himself.

Surprised by media attention

He was aware that the “polling stations” he was allowed to go to were carefully selected beforehand. “Of course the Russians didn’t show me the whole picture.” But he is convinced that it is always worthwhile not just looking at one side.

Schaller was surprised by the media interest, not only in Germany. “The whole thing has reached a dimension that I would never have thought possible.” In the Russian news he was portrayed as someone who would lose his job in Germany if he spoke his mind. When asked if the Russians used him, Schaller said, “Yes, of course.”

County asked for an exemption

After Schaller’s commitment became known through media reports on Saturday, the district reacted. The Council of Elders and District Committee had come together for an urgent special meeting.

“In today’s meeting, which was scheduled at very short notice, the vast majority of the committee members, with the exception of the AfD, spoke out in favor of the immediate release of the managing director,” said District Administrator van der Horst afterwards.

The municipal utility EWF employs around 380 people and, in addition to the energy supply, also operates local public transport and swimming pools.

The “Zweckverband Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg” holds the majority of the energy supplier with 51.8 percent, which in turn is an association of around 20 North Hessian municipalities. Most of the shares in the association belong to the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg (73.6 percent) and the city of Korbach (10.2 percent).

Mock referendums until Tuesday

With the vote, Russia wants to make Ukrainian regions part of the Russian Federation. The residents of the regions around Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia should cast their votes by Tuesday. They are asked whether their territories should be annexed to Russia. Due to reprisals, with a majority “Yes” expected.

A delegation of AfD politicians from Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia also wanted to travel to the mock referendum. After severe criticism, including from within the party, they broke off the trip.

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Cycling clothing for autumn and winter: products and buying tips


PR / Business Insiders

Cycling is fun in any weather – if you are properly dressed.

We have put together good cycling clothing for men and women that will keep you warm and are now available at a reasonable price.

Some good products are even on sale right now!

Disclaimer: If you make a purchase from a link marked with an asterisk, we receive a small commission. Learn more

Especially now, when the days are getting shorter and more uncomfortable, functional equipment is required when cycling. In view of the changeable weather, cycling clothing should be able to repel rain, sleet and dirt and at the same time dry quickly. In autumn and winter, particularly good visibility is also required – this is guaranteed either by bright neon colors and/or reflective details.

But warmth is also an important issue: brushed material and several layers inside the garment ensure that you don’t cool down while riding. At the same time, the fabric should be breathable, because as soon as the sun comes out, it can often get quite warm, especially in the transitional period.

In order to remain as flexible as possible, you can wear your short summer cycling clothing if the ride is not too cold and, if necessary, supplement it with arm warmers, leg warmers, a jacket and a matching winter hat for the fall. Last but not least, it is also crucial that cycling clothing is stylish and suits you. Because if you feel good in it, it will be noticeable in your performance while driving.

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Buy cheap cycling clothing

Cycling clothing for men and women is currently available at low prices. So you can stock up for the upcoming winter, because many products can be easily used in the cold season (as well as in the transitional period and in summer) thanks to clever layering. Brands like GORE Wear and Vaude in particular have the edge here, as their products are often designed to be combined with one another.

The fact that cycling clothing can be cheap and still good is also shown again and again by offers from discounters. For occasional rides, the products can often keep up with high-quality brands, and it is definitely worth buying for smaller accessories such as cycling gloves. Just check here to see if you can find the right one for your outdoor experience. Because we have listed some exciting products with which you are guaranteed not to go wrong at the moment!

Cycling clothing by Gore

Cycling clothing from Vaude

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*Disclaimer: We look for products and services for you that we think you might like. The selection is subjective but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, which means that if you make a purchase through a link marked with an asterisk, we will receive a small commission. Our partners also include the price comparison portal Idealo, which, like Business Insider GmbH, is a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE. Our recommendations and the selection of the products are not influenced by this. You can read more about this here: Insider Picks at Business Insider – who we are, what we do and how we test products. The content is independent of our advertising marketing. You can find our guidelines for journalistic independence here: www.axelspringer.com/de/guidelines-of-journalistic-independence

Scents and Spices: AlUla’s Incense Route – National Geographic Germany


Scents and spices: AlUla’s incense routeNational Geographic Germany

Communication in the digital age – tips for a data protection-compliant video conference


Since the start of the global corona pandemic, there has been a rapid change in communication in all areas. Homeschooling, online lectures and digital business meetings took over the task of interpersonal encounters in times of quarantine and social distancing. Large and well-known video communication platforms from the USA quickly came under criticism: data protection problems and a lack of transparency in data transmission. Many companies and institutions have recognized the advantages of online conferences and continue to integrate them into their everyday lives. For them, the challenge arises, a data protection compliant video conferencing solution to find.

The right platform

There are many video conferencing providers. The most well-known come from the USA. However, these are regularly criticized by the media, experts and politicians. The basis of this problem arises from the location-specific legal situation of the provider. European companies are more restricted in terms of data protection than US companies. The latter are entitled to process and resell personal data from customers commercially. In addition, companies from the USA are obliged to pass on personal data to US authorities upon request, without informing the user. For this it is not even necessary for the server on which the corresponding data is located to be localized in the USA. Based on these arguments, it is worth resorting to a European alternative to alleviate data protection concerns when choosing the right provider.

Access options for secure meetings

In practice, access for digital meetings is often via a general access link, which can be forwarded to all desired participants. However, this does not protect against unauthorized access if the link falls into the wrong hands. If you want to provide additional protection for the online meeting, you should choose a platform that takes another step to secure the meeting access. A common possibility is, for example, the assignment of individualized passwords, with which participation in a meeting is made possible. After the password has been used, it becomes invalid and thus prevents unauthorized access again. This is particularly useful if sensitive content is to be discussed.

Records and Transparency

In some cases, recording digital meetings can be useful. If, for example, important information is exchanged and discussed that should be available again afterwards, the recording can be a helpful measure. Even if intended participants cannot be present at relevant meetings at short notice, this may make sense. If you lead an online meeting yourself and want to record it, you should always inform all participants in advance. At this point, transparency is the top priority for a data protection-compliant video conference.

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Problems with the constitution: Where Karl Lauterbach is still wrong politics


problems with the constitution |

Where Karl Lauterbach is still wrong

The controversial Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has filed a criminal complaint against AfD MP Beatrix von Storch. Because of insult. Because he heard something (“You’re crazy”) that no one said (“That’s crazy” is recorded in the Bundestag minutes).

How harmless.

“You are a pig. Do you know that?” snapped former SPD parliamentary group leader Herbert Wehner at a CDU MP. And that’s just one example of how cheerful things can sometimes be in the high house. “Strolch”, “squatter”, “dirt slinger”, “Schlimer”, “rehearsed Pharisee”, all Wehner, who was never reported and has not made himself punishable with these assessments.

The Greens and SPD have often shown a problematic relationship with freedom of expression. For example, when backbenchers Helge Lindh (SPD) or Lamya Kaddor (Greens) go to state security and file hundreds of criminal charges. Because they also wanted to silence legitimate criticism of themselves on social media. As if you had nothing more important to do with state security.

Lauterbach, who is not always technically competent, has a good chance of embarrassing himself with his ad. Because a Member of Parliament may not be prosecuted or otherwise held responsible outside the Bundestag for a statement he made in the Bundestag. That is what it says in the Basic Law (Art. 46 Para. 1). The only exception is slanderous insults.

If Lauterbach wants to shape parliamentary debates with the means of criminal law, he leaves the ground of our constitution. Which as Minister he should be familiar with.

The wealth of knowledge with which the then Vice-President of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth (Greens), distinguished herself in an ARD program in 2015 remains unforgotten. After the asylum article of the Basic Law had been read out to her correctly, she rumbled: “So what is your idea of ​​what is in our Basic Law? Yes, such nonsense. That is not in our constitution.”

Roth was promoted to Minister of State for Culture and Media and recently showed what she can do at the documenta. Karl Lauterbach, on the other hand, is still looking for a specialist area in which he can demonstrate his expertise. The constitution and health policy are clearly not part of it.

Photo: BILD

*Joachim Nikolaus Steinhöfel, born in Hamburg in 1962, is one of the most prominent German lawyers. As early as 2004, the Handelsblatt stated: “He brought almost 200 cases to the Federal Court of Justice, winning around 70 percent of them.” did. Steinhöfel moderated programs for RTL and RTL 2, appeared as an advertising testimonial for Europe’s largest provider of entertainment electronics and as an expert in the Bundestag. In 1999 he won the advertising prize “Effie” in silver. Every two weeks he writes for BILD about the abysses of the present and society.

Football in Spain: The Williams Brothers’ Incredible Week – Sport


Footballer Iñaki Williams, 28, was born in Bilbao and sometimes likes to conform to popular stereotypes. Bilbainos are seen as people who like to lean out the window, who are loud-mouthed, think everything in their own city in the Basque Country is bigger than anywhere else – and can laugh at others just as well as at themselves.

“I’m from Bilbao!” Said Athletic pro Iñaki Williams, some time ago as he settled into an armchair on the late-night show “El Hormiguero” and explained that that’s why he got the answers to the Anticipate the moderator’s questions: “I have five to ten million euros in my account and I fuck four times a week.”

The audience cheered, also because most of them knew that Iñaki Williams’ résumé was not designed for luxury, smirking and joie de vivre. But on suffering.

Iñaki Williams was a guest on the TV show because he has been on everyone’s lips in Spain for a long time. Now he is even worldwide together with his Athletic colleague and brother Nico Williams. Last Friday, Iñaki Williams, 28, made his debut in the Ghana national team, coached by former Borussia Dortmund player Otto Addo, two months before the World Cup in Qatar in a friendly against Brazil.

Two Athletic Bilbao pros, two internationals for different countries

24 hours later, Nico Williams, who was eight years his junior, also made his national team debut – but not with Ghana, but with Spain against Switzerland. The next missions are scheduled for Tuesday: Iñaki is playing a friendly against Nicaragua with Ghana in the southeast of Spain, in Lorca. And Nico travels to Portugal with the Spaniards, where Braga is about participation in the Nations League final tournament.

Iñaki Williams (left) in the friendly against Brazil: However, he lost 3-0 with Ghana’s national team.

(Photo: Christophe Ena/AP)

Two brothers playing for two different nations at the same time in senior international matches? It’s not like it’s never happened before: Jérôme and Prince Boateng played for Germany and Ghana respectively; Thiago plays for Spain, his brother Rafinha tried it in Brazil; brothers Granit and Taulin Xhaka represent Switzerland and Albania respectively; Paul Pogba became world champion with France, his siblings Mathias and Florentin Pogba followed the call of Guinea; and Christian and Max Vieri once played for Italy and Australia.

But there are more ordinary stories in football than those of the Williams brothers, and that goes double and triple. The fact that her mother Maria Arthuer gave birth in northern Spain (Iñaki was born in Bilbao, Nico in Pamplona) was a consequence of the terrible poverty in sub-Saharan Africa – or “destiny”, as Iñaki Williams once called it. With his presence as a professional footballer, he has repeatedly reminded us how it all came about.

The Williams brothers’ parents crossed the Sahara in search of a dignified life – barefoot

He did that earlier this year, for example, when he played for the Spanish Super Cup in Dubai with his brother Nico and Athletic Bilbao. Mother Mary was there too. She not only cried when Nico scored a goal, she also cried when she saw the desert – because everything that she had experienced came up again. She had left Accra with her husband Felix, had crossed the Sahara on foot, barefoot. She had jumped over the “fence” with which the European Union defended its “values” back then, in the mid-1990s, just as it does to this day – with more and more barbed wire, weapons and with the eager cooperation of the Moroccan security forces.

When she entered the Spanish exclave on North African soil, she was seven months pregnant. Posing as Liberians, then recognized as war refugees, they were sent to Bilbao, the Basque country’s most important industrial city. There, the Catholic aid organization Caritas took in the family, but above all they were welcomed by a prospective priest named Iñaki Mardones, who didn’t ask any big questions but took care of the young family – so touching that Iñaki was named after him out of gratitude.

Then they moved from Bilbao to Sesma in Navarra and from there to Pamplona, ​​where Iñaki played as a boy in a club that’s kind of a branch of Athletic. The Red and White club later brought Iñaki into their own academy and formed a player who made history, relieving the family of any financial problems. And these were big.

He knows that his life as a professional has nothing to do with reality, Iñaki once said. He experienced reality as a boy. He went with his mother when she worked as a cleaning lady, and he only saw his father Felix four or five times in a ten-year period because he had lost his job and was looking for money and work in the UK. Until football became the salvation of the family.

Because Iñaki was so talented that he was offered a professional contract by the big Athletic Club de Bilbao, which has never been relegated from the first Spanish division – the club that only uses footballers who were born or grew up in the Basque Country. Williams turned professional – and in February 2015 became the first black player to score for Athletic in the club’s more than 120-year history. His brother has since followed suit, both scoring in the 3-2 draw against Rayo Vallecano before the international break. They became the first pair of brothers to score in a game for Athletic since Eneko and Antón Arieta in March 1965.

Iñaki is a forward, fast and desirable – his brother Nico is too, maybe even better. Both progressed through Spain’s youth national teams and Iñaki was used by then-coach Vicente del Bosque in a senior team friendly against Bosnia in 2016. But since 2020, the rule has applied that a footballer can still play for another country if he has not played more than three times for the first country by the age of 21. This applies if there are at least three years between the debuts for both teams and if no European Championship or World Cup has been played before.

The World Cup in Qatar was Iñaki’s big dream, which is one of the reasons why he agreed in May this year to play for Ghana, for “the country of my parents, my blood, the values ​​that our father and mother gave us”. he says. Maybe it hurt him that the door to Spain’s national team didn’t open anymore, but it is what it is. “I like Iñaki, I like Nico a lot. The family will be thrilled when they go to the World Cup,” said Spain coach Luis Enrique these days: “And it would be awesome if they could see each other in the final there too.”

Munich: Man with internal injuries wanted to travel to the United States


Shortly before departure, the police stopped a man in danger of dying from boarding the plane at Munich Airport.

Without immediate treatment, the 46-year-old American might have died from his severe internal injuries, the police said on Monday. The ambulance took the man to a hospital for treatment on Saturday.

Hospital discovered injuries too late

According to the police, the man had visited the emergency room of a Munich hospital one day before the planned return flight to Washington. His life-threatening internal injuries were only noticed there when he had left the clinic after the examination.

Since the doctors had no contact details for the patient, they alerted the police. The officials found the man just in time before boarding at the gate.

Write an unsolicited application: cover letter, CV, e-mail


An unsolicited application is a good way to get your dream job.
Getty Images

Anyone who has not found a suitable job advertisement on job exchanges or career sites can apply speculatively in many companies. This is usually associated with in-depth research about the company – but you could get your dream job for that.

Tips for an unsolicited application: Find out the right contact person and write your cover letter as specifically and individually as possible.

Avoid clichés and explain why you want to start in this company and what you can offer. Orientate yourself on a requirement profile that you have created yourself.

Have you trawled through job portals and career pages from companies – but haven’t found a job advertisement that suits you? Then write an unsolicited application! So you can not only try for your dream job, but also prove your commitment. Yes, of course, there is no predefined position. But one advantage is that you don’t have any competition either.

You can read here which companies are well suited for this form of application, how to write the cover letter and which documents are required.

Unsolicited application: That is why researching the company is so important

Anyone who applies to a company for a job on their own initiative can already make a good first impression. In the worst case, your application folder will be sorted out directly because the position you want is not currently available or the company is not currently hiring any new employees. Therefore, first find out whether the company is planning a hiring freeze. This is sometimes the case when the company is going through a crisis or is impacted by environmental factors such as the current gas crisis and high inflation. Often, however, your effort is seen – and it is not uncommon for you to get the job you want most.

Maybe you already have a company in mind that you really want to start with. You usually have better chances with corporations because they offer more entry opportunities, capacities and capital than smaller companies or start-ups. But you can also find out on the homepage there whether unsolicited applications are welcome. Alternatively, you can inquire with the respective HR department. In this way, you can also establish personal contact and find out who to send your application to. Also contacts through acquaintances or job portals such as linkedin or xing, job fairs or an internship can bring you closer to your dream job. You can have your application forwarded directly to the responsible contact person.

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Introduction, main part, conclusion: This is how you write an unsolicited application

But how do you actually write an unsolicited application? In contrast to an application for a job advertisement, you do not know the specific requirements of the company. You should therefore draw up a requirement profile for your dream job yourself and find out what plans and goals the company has – and what advantages you could bring to the department.

On the homepages you will find information about the philosophy or the mission statement of the company, sometimes there are also insights from employees. Ideally, you will find out what is already going very well in the company and suggest how you can help promote success.

You should always send a cover letter and a CV. Whether job references and samples are also required depends entirely on the company and the industry. As a rule, you can still submit these later on request. A complete application folder can be an advantage because the company can save your references and contact you as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

When writing your cover letter, you should definitely avoid empty phrases. Make it clear in the subject line of the letter that it is an unsolicited application – and write which position and which department it is about. Something like this: “Unsolicited application as a product manager for the Hamburg location”.

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You should also research or ask who you should address your application to. Nothing goes as quickly as an application without a clear addressee. Who that is is usually on the career page – or you can ask for the information by phone. So you can replace the standard salutation “Dear Sir or Madam” and make the letter much more personal. If you use the right name here, you already show that he or she has researched well.

You should also personalize the introduction by tailoring it to you and the position you are applying for. You replace the usual phrase “I hereby apply for a position as…” with an introduction that arouses curiosity and stands out from other applications. You can find some examples of this on the pages of job exchanges, for example Stepstone.de or Monster.de.

Be as specific as possible throughout the cover letter and mention successes from your practical experience that are relevant to the position. In any case, one question should be answered: Why do you want to start in this company and in this position? And another tip about the language in the cover letter: avoid the subjunctive. A final sentence such as “I would be happy to convince you personally of my motivation” is more self-confident and convincing than “I would be happy to be invited to a personal interview”.

E-mail text and CV: You should pay attention to this

The curriculum vitae of an unsolicited application is not different from a normal application – it should depict all professional and, if necessary, theoretical experience (e.g. studies, further training, certificates) and ideally should not exceed one DIN A4 page. Many companies now accept online applications, for example via their careers page.

Alternatively, you can send your documents by email. Don’t worry about what’s in that email – the application itself is more important. Here, too, the subject should contain the word “unsolicited application”, the rest of the text in the e-mail should be as short and specific as possible.

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VW Gen.Travel design study: This is how we will travel tomorrow


Electromobility is a sure thing. Combustion engines will no longer be built in the near future. And then? VW already has specific ideas or has fleshed out the ideas of its developers in the form of a design study. The group presented the concept at Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2022 near Paris.

The VW Gen.Travel shows in addition to complete zero emissions 3 future trends. The study offers an outlook on autonomous driving, a new design language and the role that artificial intelligence will play.

1. Autonomous: Get in and relax

Wait a minute, you might think when you first look at the interior of the VW Gen-Travel. Where’s the steering wheel? There is simply none available. Because the focus on board is sitting, lying down and entertainment.


Key word: modular. The interior can be designed for different scenarios.

The modular interior concept creates either a configuration with four facing seats and a table in the middle. The so-called conference setup is reminiscent of a comfortable dining roomseating group in the camper. Only that the kitchenette is missing here.

A second configuration is the so-called overnight setup. Two of the seats fold flat lying areas out.



There’s a nice, warm light to help you fall asleep.

Dynamic light sources. Among other things, they should ensure that passengers do not get motion sickness. At night, it supposedly helps the chauffeurs produce enough melatonin, a sleep hormone that the human body releases especially when the light is red-orange.

If you can’t or don’t want to sleep, you can join the entertainment program augmented reality (AR) use. According to VW, children in particular should be entertained by the system on long journeys. Parents of the Wooden Toys faction are reassured that all elements of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) are made from sustainable materials and combined with recycled or natural raw materials.



Almost like in a camper van: The business setup with a table in the middle could also be suitable as a dining area.

2. Design: “form follows freedom”

According to the Head of VW Group Design, Klaus Zyciora, the partly angular, partly massive design is based on the motto “form follows freedom”. It is based on “form follows function”, the maxim of product designers and architects of the 20th century. In the new millennium, the “age of technical perfection and almost unlimited possibilities”, according to Zyciora, freedom is the measure of all things instead of function.



Thanks to the wing doors, it should be easy to get into the vehicle. But where does the luggage go?

the outer shape is pure sci-fi: the passenger cabin sits on the lower part, the technology platform, and is transparent and made of glass. The edge of the window is very low, so that you have a full view of the outside even when lying down.

Entry into the distinctive VW Gen.Travel is via upward-opening hinged doors – a bit of bird freedom when you get in, which should be so easy.

Freedom also promises the above inner space-Modular concept of seating and sleeping accommodation. In addition, the interior should be bright and natural in design.

Incidentally, if you lie flat in the vehicle, you should hardly notice any external influences. A new technology makes this possible.

3. Artificial intelligence: smooth ride thanks to eABC

The so-called active chassis system eABC, Electric Active Body Control, can anticipate what will happen while driving. It calculates in advance vertical and lateral movements caused by acceleration, braking or cornering. Based on these calculations, it optimizes the driving style of the VW Gen.Travel and puts the vehicle on the best possible road.



While you chill and sleep in the vehicle, the on-board computer calculates the optimal route and the quietest road.

In addition, an AI artificial intelligence, help with anticipatory driving. The car company has not yet explained exactly how this works.

Another innovation that Volkswagen mentions in this development step is the use of platooning. Automated driving in the convoy makes it easier to calculate the route.

opinion poll

Sure, then I can relax while driving and do something else.

Absolutely not – I relax best when I’m behind the wheel myself.

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Traveling in autonomous vehicles – this is technically possible and future-oriented. This may bother some passionate drivers. Anyone who doesn’t like to give up the wheel will certainly want to continue driving themselves – and hopefully they will be allowed to do so.

All those who see “Mobility-as-a-Service” may be able to book an autonomous driving offer from VW as early as the next decade – and treat themselves to a vehicle like the VW Gen.Travel as if they were a private chauffeur be brought to the holiday destination.

That this future could be closer to the present than you might think is shown by the fact that motorhome manufacturer Hymer has been completing the first level 4 driving tests in North America since 2017. In 2019, we noted what autonomous travel could feel like and what competitor Mercedes is developing for it.

Landtag – Hanover – exchange of blows between young people and top candidates – politics


State Parliament – Hanover:Exchange of blows between young people and top candidates

The finalists of the state competition “Young people debate” discuss with the top candidates. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Hanover (dpa/lni) – Shortly before the Lower Saxony elections, the top candidates from the SPD, CDU, Greens and FDP in the state parliament exchanged blows with young people. In speech duels, Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), Bernd Althusmann (CDU), Julia Willie Hamburg (Greens) and Stefan Birkner (FDP) each competed against a young challenger on Monday. They then answered questions from the audience, which consisted mainly of schoolchildren. While the politicians represented a demand from their election program, finalists in the state competition of “Young people debated” took an opposite position. The topics included a legal entitlement to all-day care in schools, greater support for apprenticeships and climate protection goals.

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