Munich district court: trial against climate activists begins

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People want to express solidarity with the imprisoned climate activists. © Alexander Pohl via IMAGO

The trial of three climate activists from the “Last Generation” group for blocking traffic in downtown Munich began on Wednesday.

Munich – The public prosecutor accuses the climate activists of coercion in two cases.

During a protest on November 3rd, the activists and other members of the «last generation» blocked the traffic in downtown Munich twice within a few hours by sometimes sticking to the street. Since they also announced further actions at the time, they were taken into preventive police custody in the Stadelheim prison. According to the group, they were only released last Saturday.

In prison, she made a conscious decision not to mourn her freedom, said one of the accused, a 25-year-old woman, in court. “I’m sacrificing my freedom here for a future with more freedom and less suffering.”

The “Last Generation” group is currently making headlines with its blockades or attacks on works of art. The activists want to draw attention to the destruction of the environment and climate change. They demand “simple, vital” measures from the government, such as a speed limit on motorways or a 9 euro ticket for local public transport. (dpa)