“More than ever” with Gaspard Ulliel: A farewell forever | entertainment


The shock came shortly after the end of filming: main actor Gaspard Ulliel died at the age of 37 as a result of a skiing accident.

Story: Hélène (Vicky Kriebs, 39), who lives in Bordeaux, is diagnosed with an incurable lung disease. Realizing it’s going to end with her, she packs a bag. She wants to spend her last weeks in Norway’s nature, which has always fascinated her. And that alone – without her husband Mathieu ( Ulliel). But he cannot and will not accept that.

How do we live our life when we know it won’t last much longer? Can we be stubborn? Or do we also have to think of those who love us? Director Emily Atef (49, “3 Days in Quiberon”) does not give any direct answers. With this emotionally touching, hopeful work, she helps the viewer to find it themselves.

Conclusion: The film is of course deeply sad. But between the tears, audiences also get to enjoy a beautiful nature and her quest for peace of mind with the amazing Vicky Krieps.

(122 min./FSK: from 12 years)

Photo: BILD