Landtag – Bremen – Green leader Lang defends her party’s energy policy – politics


Bremen (dpa / lni) – Green leader Ricarda Lang has defended her party’s energy policy and, among other things, accused the former federal government of making mistakes. The policy of the former Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) has led to the fact that solar panels are now mainly produced in China and not in Germany, as she said at the political start of the year by the Bremen Greens on Thursday. Renewable energies have been blocked again and again. “That’s why I never want to hear again at a time like this that we’re seeing green energy policy failing,” she said in Bremen.

The Union accused Lang of nagging – instead it was time to become part of a solution. She asked the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) to deal with wind power differently. Söder should end his “absurd distance rule” for wind power, said Lang. At the end of October, the Bavarian state parliament relaxed the controversial 10H rule. According to this, among other things, new wind turbines should be able to be built with a uniform minimum distance of 1000 meters from residential buildings.

A new state parliament will be elected in Bremen on May 14th. The federal chairwoman praised the top candidate of the Bremen Greens, Maike Schaefer, for the election. Bremen’s transport senator and former chairwoman of the Transport Ministers’ Conference Schaefer helped make the 49-euro ticket a reality, said Lang.

Schaefer, who was chosen as a candidate in December with 72.8 percent of the votes, criticized the FDP for its concept of freedom in her speech: “I’ve noticed how the term “freedom” is often confused with selfishness.” It was a contribution to solidarity to wear a mask during the corona pandemic.

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