Jungle camp 2023: Jana Pallaske has to leave the jungle entertainment


in the jungle camp every mask falls…

On day eleven had Claudia Effenberg (57) told the Bush celebrities a brazen lie. The dirndl designer cheekily claimed on her treasure hunt with ex-sluts Djamila Rowe (55) forgoing delicious bolognese so as not to harm the team. However, TV viewers have known for a long time that the story is completely made up. All just a cheap bolo bluff that could take bitter revenge. Because the next exit was due on the twelfth day.

She lies and cheats! This is where Claudia’s revenge campaign begins

In fact, Claudia ended up along with Jana Pallaske (43) on the list but got lucky. Jana had to pack the suitcase instead, who was really relieved and burst into tears straight away. The TV star had long considered throwing in the towel himself. Released, Jana sobbed after the announcement: “I’ll miss you so much, but I was just really finished.”

Before the end, the cinema star had unpacked his negative experiences in the film business. Jolina Mennen (30) told Jana what happened to her in the dream factory. The 43-year-old: “I was also in Hollywood and LA and was completely traumatized there.”

She continued to report to the shocked YouTuber: “There was just constant sexual assault. That was so common. That was clearly demanded.” At the time, however, it was clear to her: “I will not sell my soul for this.” Pallaske said she had experienced something similar on German film sets. In the meantime, however, nature and life in the jungle had “healed” them from the bad experiences.

At the campfire, Jana told fellow camper Jolina about her time in Hollywood

Photo: RTL

Disgust test for Djamila and Cosimo

Djamila Rowe and Cosimo Citiolo had to take an exam that had left a bitter aftertaste in the last season. Cosimo was still fully motivated when he made his choice. “We want to step on the gas today and show that we can climb and catch snakes.” Djamila only hoped “that the test is age-appropriate.”

Then the shock: The challenge called “Walk of Shame” turned out to be a disgusting match. 16 blocks with pictures hung on the wall. The duo had to memorize it in 60 seconds and later find the right picture on command. If the candidates are correct, there is one star each. After every wrong answer, Cosimo and Djamila, who were sitting on planks during the exam, would rush into a barrel full of leftover meat, fish innards – or slime would spill over their heads.

The jungle test

The jungle test “Walk of Shame” was not particularly successful for Cosimo and Djamila

Photo: RTL / Stefan Thoyah

Trash fans will certainly remember: A year ago, actress Annouschka Renzi (58) and designer Harald Glööckler (57) rejected exactly this test in disgust. Their successors wanted to pull through. dr As a precaution, Bob (72) advised: “If you go under, just get up again.” For Cosimo, the sight of the rotten meat alone was a challenge. “Oh, what’s this? This is what my hemorrhoids have always looked like.”

His performance afterwards was also for’n A ***. Already in the third round he had to pass and rushed into the barrel at the same time as Djamila. That’s how it went in almost every round. IBES moderator Jan Köppen (39) made fun of it and asked his candidates: “How do you like the game so far?” Djamila’s answer: “Disgusting!” In the end it was only enough for two out of nine stars.

For Djamila, the test had a small aftermath. moderator Sonja Zietlow (54) reminded the camper of something that was probably heavy on her stomach. Sonja: “Would you like to explain something to Cosimo at this point? About something with Bolognese maybe?” Djamila had obviously just been waiting for that. She was immediately willing to confess and told Cosimo the truth. Rowe confessed as if she were in court: “I would like to state at this point: We were not offered Bolognese.”

Her match partner reacted calmly and later even kept tight in front of the group. And Claudia Effenberg? She continued to play the innocent lamb. When the campers were asked to rate each other based on character traits, that became more than clear. top model Daddy’s Loveday (46), who still believed in Bolognese, described Effenberg as “selfless”. The blonde gladly agreed with him. Claudia: “It’s my nature. I can’t turn that off either.”

Since she narrowly escaped the exit in the end, the wife of sports star Stefan Effenberg (54) will now have something to tell her colleagues. In the end, Cosimo was asked by Sonja Zietlow to break up Claudia’s Bolognese fib. He did, and the rest gaped. The topic is not off the table yet.

Cheating drama in the jungle Who is also involved now!