Joelina Drews (27): Mental problems! Time out for daughter by Jürgen Drews | entertainment


It’s been getting quieter and quieter around Joelina Drews (27) lately. Now the daughter of hit star Jürgen Drews (77) explains: “I haven’t been feeling well mentally in the last few weeks.”

Joelina Drews, who has long since started a music career under the name Joedy, responded to inquiries from some fans who are worried about her in an Instagram story. They wanted to know what was going on with her.

Joelina’s honest answer: “I’m currently in a situation where I don’t feel comfortable and have extreme self-doubt,” said the 27-year-old.

That’s why she “didn’t feel so much about continuing to do stories in which I pretend to be fine”.

Joelina (left) with dad Jürgen Drews and mom Ramona

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“I just needed a break,” explains Joelina. “Musically too. Which is why I’ve been releasing less music the past few months.”

Even as a teenager, the 27-year-old struggled with depression and even slipped into anorexia. “My father was helpless and couldn’t handle it at all. My mom then helped me in long conversations to get out of this phase,” said Joelina just last year in the BILD interview.

Joelina is Papa Jürgens' pride

Joelina is Papa Jürgens’ pride

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Of course, her fans are concerned that she is not doing so well mentally again.

“But please don’t worry,” writes Joelina in her Instagram statement. “I’m on the right track and am currently working a lot on myself so that I’m slowly getting better.”

Joelina Drews is a singer herself

Joelina Drews is a singer herself

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Besides, it is daughter of Jurgen and Ramona Drews important to emphasize that they will never stop making music. “As long as I’m allowed to exist on this planet. This is my greatest passion and everything I live for.”

However, she noticed “that I myself was often the reason for my blockages and stones on my way and for that I have to find a solution with myself and in peace”.

“You understand that and will continue to be my loyal companions,” Joelina Drews said to her fans again at the end of her message. She promises: “Very soon there will be another little musical goodie from me and in the coming year there will be very blatant new songs for you!”

Joelina Drews is not doing well mentally at the moment.  She now explained this in her Instagram story

Joelina Drews is not doing well mentally at the moment. She now explained this in her Instagram story

Photo: Instagram / joedybeats