Insa opinion trend: Traffic light parties stable, chancellor voted out | politics


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The traffic light is confirmed – but the chancellor has been voted out!

At least that’s how the voters see it in the current Insa opinion trend for BILD. The CDU/CSU (28 percent) and SPD (19 percent) each gain one percentage point. The Greens (22 percent) gain half a point. The FDP (eight percent) keeps its value from the previous week. This keeps the traffic light stable!

AfD and Linke are the two parties that are losing votes: AfD (twelve percent) and Linke (five percent) each lose half a percentage point. Other parties come together to six percent (minus 1.5 percentage points).

The traffic light coalition defended its parliamentary majority with a total of 49 percent. Since the Greens are three percentage points ahead of the SPD, the Greens would lead the government and could appoint the Chancellor.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) would be deselected!

But black-green, with a total of 50 percent, would also have a parliamentary majority. It could even be just enough for a black-red alliance, which would come together to 47 percent. It would certainly be enough for a Germany coalition of CDU/CSU, SPD and FDP with a total of 55 percent.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

▶︎ Insa boss Hermann Binkert: “The Greens could only provide the chancellor at traffic lights. In every conceivable constellation, the SPD would only remain a junior partner. Even if the traffic light were confirmed, Chancellor Olaf Scholz would be voted out.”

For the Insa opinion trend on behalf of BILD, a total of 2146 citizens were surveyed from August 12th to 15th, 2022. The maximum statistical error tolerance is +/-2.4 percentage points.

Klingbeil more popular than Lauterbach and Scholz

In the ranking of politicians, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens), Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens), Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (56, Greens) and Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (55, CSU) remain in the top four places and each win a point or even add two points.

The climber of the week is the SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil (44). He gains three points and climbs from ninth to fifth place.

SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil (44, SPD)

SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil (44, SPD)

Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa

Interesting: He is the best-placed Social Democrat, ahead of Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD, seventh place) and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD, eighth place).

Rank with change from the last ranking Politician
1 (=) Robert Habeck
2 (=) Annalena Bärbock
3 (=) Cem Ozdemir
4 (=) Markus Soder
5 (↑9) Lars Klingbeil
6 (↓5) Hendrik Wust
7 (=) Karl Lauterbach
8 (↓6) Olaf Scholz
9 (↓8) Sarah Wagenknecht
10 (=) Wolfgang Kubicki