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Moderator reports after the death of his sister |

What Daniel Aminati still has on his mind

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After the death of his sister Deborah († 46), TV star Daniel Aminati (48) is now reporting again with a haunting and touching video on Instagram. It is an inner concern for him.

“My sister died after decades of excessive alcohol consumption,” Aminati said last week in the BILD interview the dramatic background to the death of his younger sister.

Deborah died at a time when he couldn’t have been happier. After a difficult childhood because of his violent father, Daniel has found his place in life, is newly married and is expecting his first child. But the death of his sister made him realize in a bitter way how close friend and sorrow are sometimes and how much life and oneself are “full of contradictions”.

“Reconciling these contradictions and being at peace with yourself is probably the greatest task in life,” he says now in his Instagram video.

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It is particularly important to him to emphasize: “There is no shame in asking for help. But it’s a shame not to accept it!”

Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and lives, many “always blame others for their own failures,” says the moderator thoughtfully. “With the messed up childhood, with the loveless parents, with the schools, with society, with the employer, with the neighbors … someone is always to blame. And out of the longing to finally be happy, to finally be happy, many fall into the trap. Into the trap of addiction. We live in a society that has never been so full of addictions as it is today. Overeating, sex addiction, drug, alcohol addiction, shopping addiction, prestige addiction…”

His sister Deborah was “a sunshine by nature,” the father-to-be recalls. “She was caring, wanted everyone to be okay. Unfortunately, she didn’t see her own radiance. She didn’t have the courage to believe in herself and her dreams. (…) Instead, she destroyed herself.”

Daniel Aminati’s sister Deborah died in The Gambia at the age of 46

Photo: Instagram/danielaminati

Deborah didn’t want to admit that she needed help, didn’t go to therapy – and died of her addiction.

“We all want to have a good life, but that doesn’t fall into anyone’s lap,” Daniel Aminati urged everyone again. “We have to do something for this – actively do something! And if you don’t find your place in life, let us help you!”