Hot wood instead of hot beats: Stereoact build a barrel sauna | entertainment


Hot wood instead of hot beats |

Stereoact build barrel sauna

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Hot beats aren’t enough for them: the remix artists from Stereoact (“Die immer lacht”), otherwise responsible for fat dance tracks, build themselves a sauna despite the persistent summer heat. Well, aren’t the temperatures high enough for them?

Rico Nennel with a cordless screwdriver, rubber mallet and building instructions (on the floor) for his barrel sauna

Photo: Private

DJ Rico Lassen (44) to BILD: “I’ve always wanted to have a barrel sauna. When the opportunity arose, I hit the hardware store.” DJ buddy Sebastian Seidel (38) helped out. The sweat lodge is in the garden of Einekel’s house in Gornsdorf near Chemnitz (Saxony).

In chic grey, protected against the effects of the weather, this is what the good piece looks like when it is finished

Gray and clapboard against the rain, the sauna is in the garden

Photo: Private

Do the musicians even have any idea about sauna construction?

Einekel: “I am a trained gas and water fitter. I already have a certain manual talent. But I honestly admit that the construction was more demanding than I thought. Despite the kit, support and instructions, it took three days. Sawing, screwing, measuring, sealing. Really a lot of work. The cordless screwdriver became my second best friend…”

Four people fit in the sauna, and who is allowed in? The artist mischievously: “I have a lovely wife, three great children. They’re already set. Of course, friends are always welcome.”

You could also use it as a recording studio, right?

Schlager star Kerstin Ott (40) bottom right.  A photo of German music history.  Created in 2015 in the makeshift living room studio of stereo act DJ Rico Lassen.  She had just re-sung her remixed hit

A photo of German music history, taken in 2015 in the makeshift living room studio of stereo act DJ Rico Denkel (kneeling, white T-shirt). Schlager star Kerstin Ott (40) bottom right. She had just re-sung her remixed hit “Die immer lacht”. In front of her, wearing a baseball cap, is stereo act DJ Sebastian Seidel.

Photo: private

Einekel thinks: “It would be possible… If I remember how we produced Kerstin Ott with ‘Die immer lacht’ seven years ago. We had discovered the song that had been on YouTube for a long time. We thought he was great. Remixed it and then contacted them. She was delighted. Of course it had to be re-sung. We then invited Kerstin to our place, spontaneously converted my living room into a studio and Kerstin banged it out. The fact that it is so successful is also thanks to our makeshift studio. Maybe we should really try the barrel sauna.”