Formula 1: Boss Stefano Domenicali defends himself against allegations of greed Sports


He won’t let that sit on him!

For months, fans have been accusing Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali (57) of selling the soul of the racing series.

The premier class of motorsport is increasingly driving in financially strong rogue states such as Saudi Arabia instead of on traditional circuits such as Belgium.

Domenicali now defends himself against the allegations in SPORT BILD: “I’m not selling the soul of Formula 1. That’s normal change. We are opening up to the whole world.” And for him, oil dictatorships are part of that.

The Italian does not deny that money plays a role. “Money is important everywhere. Also for us. But we don’t just look at it, the overall package has to be right. If we only looked at the account, the racing calendar would definitely look different,” he says in SPORT BILD.

One thing is certain: there will be no driving in Germany in 2023 either. Domenicali criticizes: “If I don’t make a call, I see and hear little.”

However, he is open to races in Hockenheim or at the Nürburgring: “I wish that we would return.”

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