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Outburst of anger from the superstar!

Cristiano Ronaldo (37) vented on Instagram and scolded the English media.

The Manchester United star wrote in a post: “It’s impossible that a day goes by that I’m not talked about. Otherwise the press won’t make any money. They know that the only way to get people’s attention is to lie. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday you’ll get the message right.”

Ronaldo continues: “I have a notebook and in the last few months only five of the 100 messages about me were correct.” CR7 announced that he would tell the truth in an interview in a few weeks.


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Interesting: Ronaldo wrote this as a comment under a post on a Ronaldo fansite. However, the comment was later lost.

A few hours earlier, English media had reported that coach Erik ten Hag (52) was now ready to sell Ronaldo in this transfer window. According to Sky, Atlético Madrid and Chelsea should be interested. Other alleged interested parties could follow soon.

But according to Ronaldo, these are all just lies…