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Confession at “My Husband Can” |

With whom Giulia Siegel snogged

New challenges at “My husband can” on Monday evening!

Moderator Daniel Boschmann (41) welcomed four celebrity couples whose men competed against each other to bag the prize of 10,000 euros for a good cause.

Reality TV supermama Silvia Wollny (57) ventured into the show with partner Harald Elsenbast (62), singer Joey Heindle (29) brought girlfriend Ramona Elsener (30) with her. Reality star and DJane Giulia Siegel (47) wanted to win with friend Ludwig Heer (41).

The “Summer House of the Stars” couple Lisha (36) and Lou (34) also took part – and this time Lisha in particular did not mince words. When Boschmann asked the Elffach mother Silvia Wollny: “What is your husband particularly good at?” Lisha slipped out: “Be fertile!”

Lou works hard for his Lisha

Photo: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen

However, the first game had to be played by Joey Heindle, who managed to jump over a bar from a swing without any problems. Giulia and Ludwig soon caught up, but Giulia got into a good chatting mood before the game of sorting and assigning. Daniel Boschmann explained the challenge: pictures of royal couples should be assigned to each other.

And Giulia already revealed that her Ludwig is a passionate fan of gossip: “He’s the one who reads the gossip magazines. He has more information about celebrities and what they do.” Boschmann didn’t mince his words and wanted to know: “Who is he most keen on?”

Giulia revealed relaxed: “To all women.” And not only that – the seal friend also loves to make contact with the female TV world. Giulia explained: “He then also writes to the girls on Instagram.” However, that doesn’t bother her at all, she even sees a rendezvous easily: “He can also meet them. I do not have a problem with it.”

Daniel Boschmann wanted to go into more detail: “Is that something like an open relationship?” Giulia denied that, but then admitted that she herself is not a child of sadness: “It’s not like I wouldn’t too make out with a girl or something…I’m not bisexual, but I like making out.”

Daniel Boschmann at the table with Lisha, Ramona Elsener, Giulia Siegel Silvia Wollny (from left)

Daniel Boschmann at the table with Lisha, Ramona Elsener, Giulia Siegel Silvia Wollny (from left)

Photo: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen

Heindle friend Ramona doesn’t think much of jealousy either – which in turn caused Lisha to be dismayed: “What’s the matter with you?” he would not live anymore. He can text ME!”

But then her husband got a huge smack after the final game, in which he played against Giulia’s partner Ludwig Heer. A cocktail had to be mixed from a lofty height – and although restaurateur Ludwig was first in the lead, Lou was able to turn things around at the last second.

Lisha and Lou were thus named “My husband can – power couple” and immediately agreed on where the prize money of 10,000 euros should be donated: “Animal welfare. Always animal welfare!”