Comment: Habeck sells our stocks | politics


If you make a gas deal with an Islamist, homophobic regime that funds terrorists, you should have good reasons. VERY good reasons.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck should have said: I tried everything not to buy gas in Qatar. Every conceivable possibility exhausted.

Habeck did the opposite.

The Green Minister blocks almost everything that would bring secure energy to Germany and make the country independent of despotic regimes.

Gas fracking in Germany? devil stuff.

Oil and gas drilling? Want to set the Lower Saxony Greens.

Order fuel rods for our nuclear reactors? Not to do with Habeck.

That’s the bitterest thing about the billion dollar deal: we probably wouldn’t have to buy any gas from these Islamists if we were to invest in generating energy in Germany.

Habeck sells Germany’s values ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely for free.