Comment: Better equip the Bundeswehr! | politics


This is how you demonstrate determination: around the world in 24 hours with six fighter jets!

Even if a Eurofighter was left behind on the route for safety reasons: this performance by the Luftwaffe was outstanding.

The fighter jets are normally only two hours in the air and can fly twice as fast as sound. The long-distance flight, on the other hand, was like being stuck in a Formula 1 car on a holiday in Italy.

The Pacific maneuver shows that the Bundeswehr is challenged in the world.

But the troops have been neglected for a long time – not only by the government: the procurement office in Koblenz has delayed or even buried investments for years.

Now the Bundeswehr and politics have to make up for the shortage quickly.

With the 100 billion special fund, there are no more excuses.