Chef reveals: “10 dishes I would never order”


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I am a chef and there are some dishes that I would not have delivered.

Anything that’s breaded and fried can get soggy. Eggs are also not easy to transport.

Salmon can overcook in transit and smoothies can taste stale.

French fries are not always easy to transport.

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Unfortunately, once fries have reached their perfect flavor — fresh out of the fryer — they have a short shelf life. Putting fries in a cardboard box is the easiest way to quickly kill their delicious taste.

I’d rather make my eggs at home.

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Omelettes, Benedict and Co. are simply not easy to transport. When you get eggs delivered, chances are you’ll end up with a gooey mess or a sad, dry scrambled egg.

Nachos can get soggy quickly.


Nachos often cannot withstand the weight of salsa, sour cream, or beans during shipment. The only texture left is mush.

Smoothies are not so easy to transport.


Smoothies are best enjoyed straight from the blender. If you have your smoothie delivered, it could be warm, stale, or just plain unappetizing.

Of course, delivering ice cream can also be a tricky business.

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Aside from the obvious problem of missing out on the ice cream cone, even if you order it on the coldest night of the year, your ice cream won’t be the same once it’s been transported.

It can not be avoided that it will melt a little during transportation. And unless you’re ordering for a large group, you shouldn’t have to pay a delivery fee.

It’s risky to order something breaded.

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From katsu to mozzarella sticks, anything that’s breaded and fried is likely to lose its crispy crust in transit.

If you have a grilled cheese delivered to you, it may no longer be creamy.


The best thing about a grilled cheese is the soft, melted filling. If you have a grilled cheese delivered to you, the filling may be sticky rather than creamy.

Noodle soups may not be what you were hoping for when they arrive.


If the broth is packaged separately from the noodles, you may end up with very puffy noodles and not much broth left

Salmon can continue to cook upon delivery

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This rule applies to anything you like to eat freshly prepared, such as steak, scallops, and other seafood. Even if the chef has set the restaurant temperature correctly, the residual heat trapped in the storage container can overcook your dish.

It’s better if you only order the ingredients for your sandwich.

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Let chicken, egg, or tuna salad sit on a fluffy bun for 10-20 minutes and prepare to end up with a soggy sandwich. Instead, order a mug of salad and use it to make your own sandwich at home.

This text was translated from English by Lisa Ramos-Doce. You can find the original here.

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