“Best moment” of his trip to Sweden: Chancellor Scholz drives an electric truck | politics


“Best moment” of his trip to Sweden |

Chancellor Scholz drives an electric truck

Of: Angelika Hellemann (currently in Sweden)

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After the visit to Norway on Monday (August 15), Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) traveled to Sweden on Tuesday to talk about Sweden and Finland joining NATO, among other things, but also about cooperation in the future.

Keyword future: Scholz has apparently already imagined it – at least that’s what he said jokingly after a test drive with an electric truck from the manufacturer Scania. Before that, he had driven the truck three kilometers over a test track: when he got out of the truck, he said in English: “I’m going to be a trucker now.”

On Tuesday, the otherwise so reserved Chancellor looked like a little boy whose greatest wish had been fulfilled.

At the joint press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (55), who also drove a truck, Scholz didn’t let go of the drive: “I’ve already thought about it: we’re both going to be truckers now. This also secures our future.”

Visibly happy: Scholz and Andersson on Tuesday morning


And Scholz added: It was the “best moment” of his week that he was allowed to drive a truck. Scholz says with regard to electric trucks: “This shows that we have a good future.” The two politicians emphasized together: The green revolution is happening now, it is creating jobs and prosperity.

Andersson and Scholz had previously made a first press statement. Even then he showed that he was really looking forward to the test drive: “I’m looking forward to our good cooperation and, to be honest, also to the fact that we can now drive trucks,” he said with a laugh towards his colleague.

Background: Scholz has a certain passion for cars. When he was still a lawyer he had bought a red BMW X1 (177 hp). But it’s been in the garage for years. For security reasons, because since his time as Vice Chancellor, the BKA has advised him to take a seat in armored vehicles.

Olaf Scholz and Magdalena Andersson at the joint press conference

Olaf Scholz and Magdalena Andersson at the joint press conference

Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Scholz hopes that NATO entry “will now go very quickly”

During his visit, Scholz emphasized that he expects Turkey to ratify Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership quickly. “I’m very confident that things will go very quickly now,” he said after meeting Andersson in Stockholm.

He again described the accession of Sweden and Finland as gains for NATO. This will also strengthen German cooperation with both countries on security issues.

Andersson stressed that Sweden will stick to the agreement with Turkey. Turkey gave up its veto on Finland and Sweden’s bid to join the military alliance in June after weeks of tense negotiations. The government in Ankara had accused the two Nordic countries, among other things, of harboring fighters from the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and demanded the extradition of numerous people.

The Swedish government decided last week to extradite a man wanted for fraud to Turkey. This is the first case since Turkey demanded something in exchange for Sweden’s approval of NATO membership. Andersson stressed that the extradition would follow Swedish and international law. It is a Turkish citizen who was convicted of fraud offenses in Turkey in 2013 and 2016.