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“When they broke up, she started to break up” |

Anne Heche († 53) – this man was her beginning of the end

A terrible car accident cost actress Anne Heche († 53) her life. She was declared brain dead last Friday and all life-support equipment was turned off over the weekend. “She was brave and fearless and loved intensely,” her ex-husband said goodbye Coley Laffoon (48, divorced in 2009) with tears in his eyes on Instagram.

Her last official boyfriend was actor Thomas Jane (53). The separation from him is said to have plunged Heche into a downward spiral. As so many times before.

In 2019, Heche fell head over heels in love with Thomas Jane (“Deep Blue Sea”, “The Punisher”) and moved in with him straight away. “She was madly in love with him,” says a friend to the Daily Mail. “After so many failed relationships, she thought she had finally found the right one — the man who would be in her life forever.”

But the dream of great happiness in love burst not even a year later. “And when it didn’t work out, she broke down.”

“Even though Anne and I are no longer together, the tragic news was heartbreaking for me and everyone who loves her,” Thomas Jane said after learning of Heche’s tragic car accident. “My heart beats for Anne and her two sons.”

Her heart was broken, friends say. “Anne Heche’s split from Thomas Jane was the beginning of the end for the actress,” writes the Daily Mail. Because Heche’s biggest problems always began after their separations.

► When her most famous relationship with talk legend Ellen DeGeneres (64) broke up in 2000 after three years of love, Anne is said to have gone crazy. According to the Daily Mail, she drove off in an off-road vehicle the day after she broke up with her lover until she ran out of gas. On foot, dressed only in shorts, sneakers and a bra, she rang a stranger’s bell in California to take a shower and watch TV with him. When she later refused to leave, the man called the police. Heche told officials that she was God and would take everyone to heaven in a spaceship. They took her to a hospital. She later admitted to having been using ecstasy prior to the incident.

Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres (left) were together from 1997 to 2000. At that time, Heche came out as bisexual

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► Her marriage to cameraman Coley Laffoon (2001-2009), from whom she has son Homer (20), also failed. In the divorce papers, Laffoon described Heche as “mentally unstable”. She fired back, claiming he was lazy and addicted to porn and online poker.

Anne Heche pregnant in 2001 with her then-husband Coley Laffoon

Anne Heche pregnant in 2001 with her then-husband Coley Laffoon

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► Her relationship with actor James Tupper (57, were together for over ten years until 2018), with whom she had son Atlas (13), also ended ugly. After the split, Heche accused her ex of losing money together through shady deals and trying to sell their house behind her back. He accused her of “excessive drug use”.

Heche in 2010 with her ex James Tupper

Heche in 2010 with her ex James Tupper

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The separation from actor Thomas Jane is said to have affected her very much again. “When things didn’t work out and they broke up, she started to break up,” a source explained.

Anne has always had her “demons”. “And when it didn’t work out in the end, she broke down and turned to the things that used to bring her out of her gloom — bad things.” In a podcast Anne Heche recorded three days before her death and at the She is said to have drunk vodka and wine, she said: “Sometimes the days just suck.”

Heche was not drinking at the time of the crash, but cocaine and fentanyl were found in her blood. (imu)