Allegation: Violation of the obligation to isolate: Lauterbach displayed | politics


“Infected people must stay at home” – with these words, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD) opposed the lifting of all corona isolation requirements.

But now the Minister of Health could fall on the health minister’s own feet. According to media reports, the former member of parliament and current head of the GG union, Marcel Luthe, has filed a complaint against Lauterbach.

▶︎ The allegation: The Minister of Health would have violated the obligation to isolate himself during his corona infection!

This is about “equal treatment of citizens and the Minister of Health,” Luthe explained the step to the “Berlin newspaper”. His union represents “dozens of people who are accused of similar violations and who should be punished for it”.

Background: In the current Corona regulation applicable in Berlin It says that people who have contracted Covid-19 must have “remained without symptoms for at least 48 hours” if they want to come out of isolation BEFORE 10 days have elapsed. There are no exceptions in the regulation – not even in the case of a negative PCR test.

Instead, in addition to being symptom-free, proof of a negative corona test is also required – at the earliest from the 5th day of isolation.

Lauterbach apparently still had symptoms

Lauterbach, who tested positive for the corona virus on August 4th, ended his corona isolation on the seventh day (August 10th) – and visited the cabinet, although he apparently still showed symptoms of illness!

Because Lauterbach had only reported on his state of health the day before (August 9) on ARD: “I’m not quite fit yet. I’m negative again, the PCR test is also well over 30, so I’m no longer considered contagious.” And further: “Now it’s slowly going uphill again.”

The health minister also tweeted the same day: “Hope recovery is complete soon.” SOON – doesn’t mean now?

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▶︎ The problem: Lauterbach also fulfilled the strict isolation rules of the RKI for the healthcare sector, according to which a “negative PCR result or a positive test result with a Ct value >30 is permissible” “to resume work”.

BUT: The decisive factor in Berlin are the symptoms of the corona disease. So is the politician now stumbling over the (self-initiated) corona rule chaos?

Lauterbach defends himself

The Federal Ministry of Health denies the accusation. “The minister was symptom-free for 48 hours before he visited the cabinet on Wednesday,” said the ministry when asked “World”.

▶︎ Strange about it: Lauterbach had said himself that he was “not quite fit yet”. According to Luthe, who is now complaining, this clearly refutes that Lauterbach was symptom-free for 48 hours when he left the isolation.

To the “Mirror” Lauterbach defended himself against this Monday, explaining his behavior as follows: “It is quite right to be asked whether I have broken isolation rules. Because if you do that, you endanger your fellow human beings”. However, he no longer had any symptoms, no sore throat or headaches, but was simply not fit yet.

He also defended the isolation rule: “We have to stick to the isolation rule,” said Lauterbach. “Otherwise people with symptoms will end up going to the office. Employers might even put pressure on their employees accordingly. We cannot want that.”

Controversy over self-testing

However, there is also a dispute as to whether the Minister of Health – if he no longer had any symptoms – was able to test himself freely at all. Because the minister apparently did that as a safeguard in addition to his PCR test. The Berlin regulation also stipulates that a negative SELBST test does not meet the requirements for ending the quarantine.

The ministry is convinced that the minister, as a licensed doctor, was allowed to test himself. A ministry spokesman told Welt that he had tested himself three times before the cabinet meeting with negative results.

▶︎ BUT: A Berlin health authority had informed the newspaper, which like BILD belongs to Axel Springer, by telephone on Monday that doctors would also have to go to a test center – or at least carry out the self-test under the supervision of a competent person such as another doctor – in order to then be free to be tested to apply.

Kai Wegner, parliamentary group leader of the CDU Berlin, is also critical of Lauterbach’s behavior. Wegner said “Welt”: “If even the responsible minister fails to comply with the Corona regulations, something has to change.” Rules must be comprehensible and moderate: Corona policy requires clarity and reliability. Mr. Lauterbach does not stand for this policy.”

Lauterbach’s corona disease was diagnosed for the first time on Thursday, August 4th with a positive rapid test – and according to his own statements, was accompanied by a severe cough and fever. The Minister of Health is now healthy again.