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“This constant pressure cannot go unnoticed” – Süddeutsche Zeitung – SZ.de


“This constant pressure cannot go unnoticed”Süddeutsche Zeitung – SZ.de

World Cup 2022: Max Kruse shoots against national coach Hansi Flick – SOCCER


Max Kruse (34) knows the national team.

Before the start of the World Cup, the striker blurted out that some of our 2014 world champions had several girlfriends at the same time. Now the ex-Wolfsburger, who has been without a club since Monday, shoots in his podcast with comedian Oliver Pocher (44) against the entire DFB and national coach Hansi Flick (57).

Ex-national player (14 appearances/4 goals) Kruse: “It’s been like this for years and it’s not changing now. It doesn’t matter as much whether you’re in the juice or not, but rather the CV you have in the national team.”

Kruse shoots against Flick!

The trigger for Kruse’s displeasure is the low deployment time of the in-form Frankfurt star Mario Götze (30/11 minutes so far) and the joker role of Bremen attacker Niclas Füllkrug (29/two substitutions, one goal) at the current Winter World Cup in Qatar.

Especially with “Fülle” Kruse calls for a starting eleven against Costa Rica for Thursday: “If not now, then when?”

Incidentally, VfL Wolfsburg also asked themselves this question and managed (finally) to “amicably” terminate the contract with Kruse that ran until the end of the season. For this, last year’s Olympic participant received over one million euros in severance pay.

“I’ve been officially unemployed since Monday,” says Kruse. “An interesting feeling.” But nothing really new.

Even as a VfL employee, he compared himself to the unemployed during his injury break: “If you are unemployed in quotation marks or no longer needed in your job, it is not easy for one or the other either.”

After his contract was terminated, he also railed against the VfL bosses: “It was the same people who got me back then, who of course have now made the decision not to continue planning with me. But that’s just the way it is. You have to accept that.”

This means Wolfsburg’s managing director Jörg Schmadtke (58) and sports director Marcel Schäfer (38).

Kruse, on the other hand, has nice words for the VfL supporters: “The fans have always supported me. So I can’t blame the fans for that. Thank you for all the support I have received. But it is time for a new chapter.”

Gas consumption increases sharply, the filling level of the gas storage tank drops faster


The colder autumn weather has caused gas consumption in Germany to skyrocket.
Picture Alliance

With the lower temperatures, gas consumption in Germany has increased significantly, in the past week alone by 28 percent compared to the previous week.

Although it was 0.7 degrees colder, the consumption of business and households was 21 percent lower than in previous years, reported the head of the network agency, Klaus Müller.

For a week now, more gas suppliers have had to fall back on the stocks in the storage facilities. The filling level of the gas storage tanks drops.

The cold weather has pushed up gas consumption in Germany. In the previous week, gas consumption was 26 percent higher than in the previous week, the Federal Network Agency wrote in its management report on Thursday.

However, consumption is still well below the average of the four previous years for the same calendar week. Large industrial customers used 25 percent less gas, households and small businesses only 17 percent less. Overall consumption was 21 percent lower. The head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, called the numbers on Twitter. In the warmer previous weeks, the savings from the previous year were still over 30 percent.

The savings were therefore slightly lower than in the week before with 33 percent. They are still just above the 20 percent target set by the Federal Network Agency to prevent a gas shortage in winter.

In calendar week 46, to which the new figures refer, it was 0.7 degrees colder than the average for previous years and even 3.9 degrees colder than the previous week. Current data of However, DIW show that the economy and households also save gas via the temperature effect, iBy heating or consuming less hot water.

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All in all, the rising consumption means that gas suppliers have to draw more and more on the reserves in the gas storage facilities. Of the filling level of the gas storage fell 0.36 percentage points to 98.24 percent on Wednesday. This was the most significant drop in this heating season in one day. The filling level is still very high for this time of year. This graphic also shows this.

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Calendar page 2022: December 1st – Culture & Entertainment


Berlin (dpa) – The current calendar page for December 1, 2022:

48th calendar week, 335th day of the year

Basketball: Next bankruptcy for weakened Hamburg Towers | NDR.de


Status: 11/30/2022 10:51 p.m

The Towers Hamburg lost their away game in the Eurocup against Paris Basketball. The basketball Bundesliga club lost to the French on Wednesday evening after a good start 84:87 (43:33). However, the Hanseatic League was weak and only started with nine players. The Hanseatic League’s best thrower was Yoeli Childs with 17 points. For Hamburg it was the third defeat in a row in the European competition. | 11/30/2022 22:45

What does that mean for travel?

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Of: Franziska Kaindl

The end of the corona quarantine obligation in four federal states offers many citizens more freedom again. However, be careful when traveling in Germany.

Anyone who tests positive for the corona virus in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse or Schleswig-Holstein has no longer had to go into quarantine at home since November 16th. Those affected only have to wear a mask outside of their own four walls – wearing an FFP2 mask is recommended. So far, the rule has applied throughout Germany that infected people must spend at least five days in self-isolation. Now who is traveling despite corona infection wants to go, but should be careful. In the other federal states there is still a quarantine obligation.

Corona quarantine obligation in other federal states: penalties of up to 5,000 euros for violations

With the four federal states going it alone, there is now a patchwork quilt in Germany again. Those who tested positive from Bavaria are allowed to travel to Baden-Württemberg or Hesse, for example, by bus, train or plane, but not to Hamburg or Berlin. Anyone who can be proven to violate the quarantine regulations in Hamburg must expect a fine of between 150 and 2,000 euros. In Berlin, a violation of the Corona Protection Ordinance costs between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. The easing in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein is therefore not a free ticket to move within Germany again without conditions. Also at Travel across national borders Those who have tested positive should first find out about the regulations of the country. In France, for example, there is still an obligation to isolate.

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore nature in Germany – but you should be careful if you have a corona infection. © Imago

Encouragement and criticism at the end of the corona quarantine obligation

The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians welcome this End of the Corona quarantine in the four federal states and is even in favor of a nationwide uniform procedure. “We have to get back to normality and deal with Corona and live like we do with other infectious diseases,” said KBV Deputy Chairman Dr. Stephen Hofmeister. “In the case of more dangerous variants, quarantine regulations can of course still make sense.”

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The German Foundation for Patient Protection, on the other hand, sees it differently: According to the board member Eugen Brysch, the obligation to isolate prevents the virus from spreading, as the dpa news agency reports. “Furthermore, infected workers will be protected from giving in to employment pressures. Federal states that are burying the obligation to isolate are wiping these facts off the table.” The different regulations would also only cause chaos for employees with jobs in other federal states. “After all, millions of commuters alone cross national borders every day. It is not uncommon for it to be just a few steps.”

Champions League: THW Kiel narrowly loses at FC Barcelona | NDR.de – Sports


Comment: Habeck sells our stocks | politics


If you make a gas deal with an Islamist, homophobic regime that funds terrorists, you should have good reasons. VERY good reasons.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck should have said: I tried everything not to buy gas in Qatar. Every conceivable possibility exhausted.

Habeck did the opposite.

The Green Minister blocks almost everything that would bring secure energy to Germany and make the country independent of despotic regimes.

Gas fracking in Germany? devil stuff.

Oil and gas drilling? Want to set the Lower Saxony Greens.

Order fuel rods for our nuclear reactors? Not to do with Habeck.

That’s the bitterest thing about the billion dollar deal: we probably wouldn’t have to buy any gas from these Islamists if we were to invest in generating energy in Germany.

Habeck sells Germany’s values ​​completely for free.

Post from Wagner: Dear Alice Schwarzer | politics


At 80, women look like they’re in a fairy tale, kind grandmothers with laugh lines around their eyes. That’s the cliché. Alice Schwarzer is a granny gone wild. Dominant, quarrelsome, hissing. Her fast lips are unstoppable. She throws out sentences like: “Stop arms deliveries to Ukraine.” “This war is a proxy war between America and Russia.”

She shouts out the sentences. It hurts to listen to her.

Everything she did as a young woman is disappearing. Her fight against the abortion law, her fight for equal wages for all.

As a young woman, Alice Schwarzer was a heroine.

As a grandmother, she is a bogeyman.


Yours, FJ Wagner

“More than ever” with Gaspard Ulliel: A farewell forever | entertainment


The shock came shortly after the end of filming: main actor Gaspard Ulliel died at the age of 37 as a result of a skiing accident.

Story: Hélène (Vicky Kriebs, 39), who lives in Bordeaux, is diagnosed with an incurable lung disease. Realizing it’s going to end with her, she packs a bag. She wants to spend her last weeks in Norway’s nature, which has always fascinated her. And that alone – without her husband Mathieu ( Ulliel). But he cannot and will not accept that.

How do we live our life when we know it won’t last much longer? Can we be stubborn? Or do we also have to think of those who love us? Director Emily Atef (49, “3 Days in Quiberon”) does not give any direct answers. With this emotionally touching, hopeful work, she helps the viewer to find it themselves.

Conclusion: The film is of course deeply sad. But between the tears, audiences also get to enjoy a beautiful nature and her quest for peace of mind with the amazing Vicky Krieps.

(122 min./FSK: from 12 years)

Photo: BILD