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Tony Marshall Terminally Ill: Best Friend Opens Up About Last Meeting | entertainment


Schlager legend Tony Marshall turns 85 on Friday. But the singer is too ill for a big party, because: He has heart and kidney problems and is struggling with a nervous disease.

In BILD, his best friend speaks exclusively about the last meeting with the musician. Read with BILDplus how Tony Marshall deals with his illness and what still cheers him up today.

A support for sport in the district of Heinsberg

Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst in the middle of Thomas Schnelle MdL (left) and Bernd Krückel MdL (Photo: Ralph Sondermann/CDU state parliamentary group of North Rhine-Westphalia)

district of Heinsberg. The effects of the energy crisis caused by the Russian war of aggression are also hitting sports clubs and other non-profit sports organizations in North Rhine-Westphalia hard. Therefore, the state government will support you in absorbing the additional energy costs that arise from the use of the sports infrastructure.

For this purpose, the emergency aid program Sport NRW 2023 with a total volume of 55.2 million euros was launched, which is being handled by the state sports association. Sports clubs and other non-profit sports organizations that are members of a district or city sports federation or sports association, as well as the state sports federation of North Rhine-Westphalia and its full members, can apply for grants within the framework of an equity management for crisis management and insolvency prevention. Further information on the application will soon be available at www.lsb.nrw

The aid is financed from funds from the special fund set up to “manage the crisis situation resulting from the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine”.

Bernd Krückel, financial expert of the CDU parliamentary group and member of parliament for the Heinsberg southern district, sees the program as an appropriate reaction to the crisis: “Last year we could foresee that rising energy costs and the further effects of the Russian war would put a heavy financial burden on our country. We can now use the EUR 5 billion special fund set up at that time to take targeted and timely action as soon as problems arise.”

Thomas Schnelle, CDU MP for the Heinsberg North District, emphasizes: “We have taken a stand with our political decision to support Ukraine. Now we have to hold this position and support from the state all those who cannot do this financially on their own. The special fund is not a mountain of debt that we pile into our tomorrow – it is an investment in the future and in democracy.”

To sue

34 more detainees in US prison camp Guantánamo


The camp was established after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At times, 800 people were imprisoned there.

Holidays with less than 500 euros – four tips for your trip


Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are flexible, you will find what you are looking for even with little money. Where you can spend a week for 500 euros.

Many people long for almost three years corona desperate for vacation. More than half of Germans (57 percent) are sure that they will take a vacation this year, reports the Hamburg Foundation for Future Issues of British American Tobacco (BAT). Most importantly: the best possible price-performance ratio. We put four destinations for one Holiday under 500 euros Before:

Mallorca: holiday destination for all ages

A classic among all travel destinations is Majorca. The Mediterranean island has something to offer for pretty much all ages thanks to its rich natural landscape and opportunities for leisure activities. For youth trips or bachelor parties, hotels in Cala Ratjada offer a week of party fun with return flights for only 411 euros. Families can unwind in the coastal resort of Cala Major in the southwest of the island. There are among other things Family accommodation from 135 euros per night. A hotel room in October costs an average of 138 euros per night, making it the cheapest month to visit Mallorca.

Bulgaria: Untouched nature and a dream beach

Bulgaria is considered the ultimate travel destination on the Balkan Peninsula. Although best known for party tourism, Bulgaria has a lot more to offer, including a fascinating culture, unspoilt nature and far-reaching attractions beaches. Especially in May and June, Sunny Beach on the Black Sea is a popular and inexpensive holiday destination. Albena, also known as the hotel town, is located directly on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and has a number of All inclusive hotelsthat have moderate prices.

Turkey: vibrant metropolises with ancient sights

The destination is only a three-hour flight away Turkey. Here holidaymakers can look forward to sandy beaches on the turquoise sea, ancient sights and metropolises such as Istanbul and Antalya. Especially at the beginning of the year, prices can be expected to be up to a third below the average price. For example, there is a week at the end of March Beach vacation in the Side region with return flights for only 399 euros.

Albania: Insider tip with pristine beaches and coasts

Travel to Albania is considered an insider tip and so travelers expect in their vacation not only untouched nature and Caribbean-like beaches, but also well-equipped double rooms for only 36 euros per night. Those who travel to Albania in February will also find it Four Star Resorts at a low price: for example, they offer it for 390 euros for five nights, including the outward and return journey. (ew)

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Landtag – Bremen – Green leader Lang defends her party’s energy policy – politics


Bremen (dpa / lni) – Green leader Ricarda Lang has defended her party’s energy policy and, among other things, accused the former federal government of making mistakes. The policy of the former Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) has led to the fact that solar panels are now mainly produced in China and not in Germany, as she said at the political start of the year by the Bremen Greens on Thursday. Renewable energies have been blocked again and again. “That’s why I never want to hear again at a time like this that we’re seeing green energy policy failing,” she said in Bremen.

The Union accused Lang of nagging – instead it was time to become part of a solution. She asked the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) to deal with wind power differently. Söder should end his “absurd distance rule” for wind power, said Lang. At the end of October, the Bavarian state parliament relaxed the controversial 10H rule. According to this, among other things, new wind turbines should be able to be built with a uniform minimum distance of 1000 meters from residential buildings.

A new state parliament will be elected in Bremen on May 14th. The federal chairwoman praised the top candidate of the Bremen Greens, Maike Schaefer, for the election. Bremen’s transport senator and former chairwoman of the Transport Ministers’ Conference Schaefer helped make the 49-euro ticket a reality, said Lang.

Schaefer, who was chosen as a candidate in December with 72.8 percent of the votes, criticized the FDP for its concept of freedom in her speech: “I’ve noticed how the term “freedom” is often confused with selfishness.” It was a contribution to solidarity to wear a mask during the corona pandemic.

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Boss Marvin Willoughby: Compulsory savings! Towers atone for the past few years | Sports


The Towers start Friday against newly promoted Rostock in the second half of the Basketball Bundesliga (7 p.m.). And actually everything can only get better…

21 of 31 competitive games were lost. Only bottom Bayreuth is in worse shape. After two play-off participations, a relegation battle is announced.

“Of course that’s not what we imagine,” says boss Marvin Willoughby (45). “We weren’t good enough. But I still want to stay positive. Even if I’m positively angry.” Because the head of sport emphasizes: “I’m enough of a realist to know where we’ve been in the last two years. We performed very, very well there.”

This season, the towers have to pay the price for the Corona years under Pedro Calles (39 / Oldenburg), during which they lived beyond their means.

Willoughby: “We’ve spent the money that we’ve spent and we’ve had really, really bad problems getting the money back.”

Means: The Towers have to save until summer!

That’s why the squad was sewn to the brim with ten professionals right from the start. However, the new head coach Benka Barloschky (35) thinks he is good enough: “I have no doubt that we have the quality. What we have to work for is consistency. What we have to learn to deal with is resistance.”

Emotional words when resigning Here Tom Brady announces the end of his career

It is clear to those responsible that victories are urgently needed. “We have to do everything we can to win games as quickly as possible,” stresses Willoughby. And explores the market for reinforcements: “We’ll try everything.”

► Len Schoormann (20) is in the 17-man squad for the World Cup qualifiers against Sweden (February 24) and Finland (February 27).

binge eating, bulimia; Anorexia: Overcoming Eating Disorders


Sophie Rudolf (left) and Johanna Dreyer (right) talked to editor Julia Poggensee about their former eating disorder – and how they manage to feel comfortable in their own bodies today.
Sophie Rudolf/Johanna Dreyer

Whether anorexia, bulimia or binge eating: an eating disorder can accompany those affected for years. According to statistics, the number of sick people has increased in recent years.

How do you manage to conquer the disease – and accept your body? Sophie Rudolf and Johanna Dreyer spoke to Business Insider about their experiences and shared their personal methods for maintaining a healthy body.

In addition, Malte Bödeker from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) explains how you can tell if you have an eating disorder.

Eating disorders often begin insidiously. Skipping breakfast or dinner, avoiding sweets and Fast food. Some eat nothing for a day. Those affected quickly lose weight, initially receive compliments – and realize that they can exercise control over their eating habits. This is how addiction can develop. Feelings of hunger often trigger binge eating. Binge eating, bulimia or anorexia – the list of eating disorders is long. According to statistics, the number of people affectedwho suffer from disturbed eating habits has increased significantly in recent years.

Sophie Rudolf and Johanna Dreyer experienced it themselves. In an interview with Business Insider, the two young women explain how they got into an eating disorder and why ideals of beauty played a role – but there are usually deeper causes that have long been dormant in the subconscious. They also reveal their strategies for strengthening their body awareness today.

Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating: What differentiates the diseases from each other

The sports day: The world’s oldest professional soccer player is drawn to Europe again


The sports day
The world’s oldest professional footballer is drawn to Europe again

For most footballers, their career is over in their mid-30s, and one or the other Methusalem makes it past 40. But no one can fool the Japanese Kazuyoshi Miura. In his almost biblical footballer age of mid-50s, he is now even drawn to a new challenge.

Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg: After finding body parts: does the police clarify the murder case from 2013? – Entertainment


The 29-year-old Bulgarian disappeared from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg in 2013. The officers then arrested a former lover of the woman on suspicion of manslaughter, investigators found a sharp gun on the 34-year-old. But the police were unsuccessful in the search for the woman’s body in a nature reserve at the time, and the man had to be released because there was no strong suspicion of a crime.

About two weeks ago, an angler discovered a bag with human remains in the Ernst August Canal in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. First, the angler had fished a woman’s shoe with bones out of the water. Through extensive forensic examinations, the remains of the 29-year-old could be assigned.

Knife attack on the train: authorities in Hamburg reject allegations – politics


After the deadly knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg, the authorities in both cities blame each other for dealing with the alleged perpetrator. The Kiel immigration authorities were informed early on that the 33-year-old Palestinian Ibrahim A. had been imprisoned in Hamburg, said Justice Senator Anna Gallina (Greens) and a representative of the interior authority on Thursday in the Hamburg Parliament’s Judiciary Committee.

In addition, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Kiel authorities. The day before, Schleswig-Holstein’s integration minister, Aminata Touré (Greens), complained that information from Hamburg on the alleged perpetrator had not reached Schleswig-Holstein.

Ibrahim A. is said to have stabbed other passengers with a knife on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg on Wednesday last week. The train came to a standstill in the town of Brokstedt and A. was finally arrested on the platform. Two young people died in the act, five others were injured, some seriously. Almost a week earlier, A. had been released from custody in Hamburg.

A. appeared in Hamburg for the first time in November 2021 after he had been banned from accommodation in Kiel. In Hamburg, the drug addict and multiple criminal record man was arrested shortly after his arrival for a knife attack.

According to the Hamburg interior authorities, just one day after A. began custody in Hamburg in January 2022, a police officer informed the Kiel immigration authorities by email and asked for consultation. However, despite multiple attempts to contact them, there was no response. Only when you contacted the immigration office in Kiel at the beginning of March did you get an answer, the head of the department for public security in the Hamburg interior authority told the judiciary committee. The people of Kiel were informed that A. was in custody, which crimes he was accused of in Hamburg and which had already been put on record, the official said.

It’s not about “putting the buck somewhere,” says the justice senator

Justice Senator Gallina added that Billwerder Prison had sent documents on Ibrahim A. to the Kiel Immigration Office on May 4th and 5th. Most recently, in November 2022, the JVA sought contact with the immigration authorities in Kiel to clarify the prisoner’s status under immigration law. The senator did not want to comment directly on the accusation from Kiel that Hamburg had not been sufficiently informed. It’s not about “putting a buck somewhere” on her, she’s just reflecting the state of the files.

After Brokstedt’s crime became known, it was her concern to check whether information had gone to the relevant authorities, and that was the case. Gallina also rejected the accusation that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) had not been informed about A.’s detention. The Bamf had been involved in communication since March 2022.

During his pre-trial detention, Ibrahim A. met with a psychiatrist 16 times. The reason for this was psychological abnormalities during detention, said Hamburg’s State Councilor Holger Schatz at the committee meeting. According to A., he heard “voices and noises”. In addition, there were two incidents in the JVA. On the one hand, a violent argument with a fellow prisoner had been reported to the authorities. On the other hand, A. threw a cup at a prison officer when he was denied a second portion of tea.

In the assessments of A. – most recently shortly before his release – the psychiatrist found no evidence that the man could pose a danger to himself or others. However, Gallina emphasized that it was only about an assessment of the prisoner at a specific point in time, and not about a prognosis report.